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2008 Basketball Preview: Trevor Cook

Prior Evaluations:

Trevor Cook

  • Number: 24
  • Position: Forward
  • Height: 6' 9"
  • Weight: 220
  • Year for 2008: Sophomore
Min. Pts. Reb. Ast. TO Stl. Blk. FG% 3FG% FT%
25.9 6.7 4.7 1.3 2.3 0.6 1.9 .400 .250 .745

The Evaluation

  • Offense: I'll go ahead and admit it now, I've got incredibly high hopes for Trevor Cook and I've got little to base that opinion. The first thing is that he put up some decent numbers while a true freshman. Just remember that I loved the word that Decensae White did as a freshman and Cook's numbers were twice as good as White's. Of course, I realize that Cook played in an inferior conference, but he still put up decent numbers and the offseason is a time to be optimistic, so I will.

    From what I can gather, Cook has a decent outside shot and has much improved this part of his game. I like big men who can shoot, but I'd rather have a guy who can score in the post. I'd have to imagine that with Cook a majority of his points came from the paint as his 3-point shooting percentage wasn't anything great.

    This will be the biggest question mark for Red Raider fans as we just aren't sure what to expect.

  • Defense: The most impressive number here is Trevor's rebounding numbers where he averaged 4.7 boards a game while a freshman at TS. That would have led Tech without a doubt and I am a little giddy at the prospect of getting a guy who can grab some boards.

    I can also appreciate the fact that Cook had 1.9 blocks a game, which seems incredibly high, but I welcome a guy who can block a few shots. I don't expect these types of numbers while at Tech, but the fact that he can play a little defense is certainly encouraging.

    Given the fact that Cook has some decent rebounding numbers and is able to block a few shots I believe that Cook will be a decent post defender. I think Knight typically does a good job of teaching post players to be mobile, to move their feet and not reach. Given that Cook has been in the system for an entire year means that he's probably well adjusted to doing that.

  • 2008 Expectations: I've already stated that I'm going to be optimistic, so here goes, I think that Cook will average 17 minutes and 10 points a game. Rather that discuss what Cook needs to improve upon, I thought I'd list the things that Cook needs to do for this team in 2008:
    • Score in the post.
    • Rebound, rebound, rebound.