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Texas Tech 4, Oklahoma 6

Texas Tech Baseball

This loss was the proverbial nail in the coffin as the Red Raiders were eliminated from post-season play with this loss and a Baylor win over Kansas State. The killer was 3 errors, this has to be a problem that Hays is going to want fixed before next year.

AJ Ramos was okay . . . he only gave up 5 hits, but those 5 hits resulted in 6 runs, 4 earned, while striking out 6 and walking 4. You'd like to see Ramos not walk so many so late in the year, but he's been Tech's most consistent pitcher all year. For those of you who are just curious, prior to yesterday's game, Ramos was 8-5 for the year, pitched 88 innings, giving up 86 hits, 49 runs, walking 35, and striking out 83. I'll take that from Ramos next year too.

Doug Thennis had 4 hits on the day in 5 attempts and Kyle Martin had a home run in 3 at bats with 2 RBI to boot.

LAJ's George Watson has his story from the game and has this from Coach Hays:

"They score six runs and we flat give them four," Tech head coach Larry Hays said. "And they were gimmies, walks and errors and they weren't tough-play errors, they were plays we normally make. We dug ourselves in a hole in the first couple of innings. We competed in a way but just didn't get it done."

I also like this final note from Watson's article and from Coach Hays:

And at this point, the final two games for the Red Raiders mean nothing except for pride and to possibly see who might play a key role next year. In looking back on 2007, however, Friday's theme was too familiar and painful.

"You always want to say that every game is a different game and you have to bury it," Hays said. "But you get far enough down the road and you look back ... and it was a lot of different things at different times. I just want us to come out (today) and compete and play a good, hard, sound game for nine innings."