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Thursday Morning Football Notes

Texas Tech Football

We finally have some football goodness. Olin Buchanan of has some things we know and things we don't know in the appropriately titled Big 12: What we know, what we don't. There's nothing earth shattering in the Texas Tech question. Recap: Graham Harrell is good, Michael Crabtree is going to be better than Money B and Woods needs to get his act together. There's lots of additional information about the other Big 12 teams, besides, there's not going to be much football for about 3 months, get it while you can.

Resident SBNation blogger, Provo Pride, has a side project where he's previewing every college football team in the free world and here's his Texas Tech preview. Excellent work, Mitch.

Who would have thunk it, defensive tackle, Dek Blake, signed a deal with the New York Football Giants. Great work.