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Oklahoma State 13, Texas Tech 5

Texas Tech Baseball:

That's not impressive. After having quite a bit of time off, the Red Raiders get pounded by the OSU Cowboys 13-5. The box score tells the story as starter Cory Large was only able to muster 1 inning where he gave up 5 runs, all earned. Josh Scofield pitched well in relief, although he gave up 4 walks, but was burned by 3 errors in the outfield, giving up only 1 earned run. The next 2 relievers, Brian Cloud and Aaron Odom gave up a combined 5 earned runs, striking out 0 and walking 2 (Odom wasn't able to even record an out and Collin Auten bailed him out in the 9th). The pitching staff as a whole managed only 1 strikeout the entire day. Just an overall ugly day from the well-rested pitching staff. Chris Richburg had 2 hits and 2 RBI. George Watson has covered this game here. Sophomore Roger Kieschnick had this on yesterday's game:

"We have to put this behind us and battle and play hard (today)," Kieschnick said. "We're not going to quit. Nobody on this team is a quitter. We just couldn't put it together. There were a lot of missed opportunities and we have to take advantage of those (today) and (Sunday)."