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Saturday Morning Baseball Notes

Texas Tech Baseball:

The Red Raiders got back on track with an 8-3 victory over the Aggies. Of course, it was AJ Ramos who led the way and is no2 7-1 for the year, pitching 7 innings, spreading out 9 hits and 2 runs, while striking out 7. Colt Hynes finished the game, pitching the final two innings. Roger Kieschnick led the offense going 4-5 with a home run and 2 RBI. LAJ's George Watson gives the credit to pitcher AJ Ramos in his game story.

This is baseball related, but not Tech related. Creighton pitcher Pat Venditte has a special glove. That's because he can pitch both left-handed and right-handed (hat-tip to UniWatch). Make sure and check out the video on the NYT's linked article. Fascinating.