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Friday Morning Notes

I have today off of work, which is why I'm a little late this morning. I'm actually going to volunarily go into work for a little bit, but was thinking that I should do a depth chart based upon spring practice. So long as my wife doesn't get me working on the yard, I'd like to get that done this afternoon.

Texas Tech Basketball:

According to the DMN and wire reports, Kentucky has hired Texas A&M's coach, Bill Gillispie. Wow. Remember me saying, where there's smoke there's fire? The Arkansas job wasn't big enough, but the Kentucky job was. Wow.

Texas Tech Football:

There's no new articles over at the LAJ, so any football news will have to wait until Saturday morning.

Texas Tech Baseball:

The Red Raiders lost the first game of a three game series with the Aggies, 7-4. Tech has now lost 3 of their last 4. LAJ's George Watson has his game story and to add to Tech's woes, some players are being held out indefintely:

Tech announced earlier in the day that three players - starting outfielders Doug Thennis and Geoff Byrns, both juniors, and senior pitcher Aaron Odom - will be out indefinitely to focus on academic issues. Hays said the players are not suspended but will not play until those academic issues can be cleared up, something he has done with players in the past.