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Monday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Baseball:

The Red Raiders get swept on Sunday, losing 6-5 to the mighty Missouri Tigers. For whatever reason, it seems like this team is snakebit. According to LAJ's George Watson, here's what happened yesterday:

After James Leverton's two-run home run in the top of the ninth gave Tech a one-run lead, the bullpen again failed to hold it as an RBI double by Ryan Lollis and a bases-loaded wild pitch by AJ Ramos allowed the Tigers to escape with a 6-5 victory and a sweep of their Big 12 Conference series Sunday at Simmons Field.

Here's Coach Hayes:

"You hate to see your guys go out and play hard, do some great things and have some tough luck," Tech head coach Larry Hays said. "But we still win the game if we don't do something we talk about all the time and that's walking a guy to lead off an inning because bad things happen when you do."

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams has an article about the players who were either drafted or signed as free agents. The only update from yesterday is that Brock Stratton is also going to the Titans.