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2007 Review and Preview: Texas Tech Defensive Backs

Prior Reviews/Previews:

Who Is Gone:

No. Player Pos. Ht./Wt.
- Antonio Huffman CB 5-11/179

I always thought Huffman was a good guy who played hard. He may not have been the most physically gifted player, but he certainly made the effort. Once again, I think Huffman is replaceable on the football field, which I hope doesn't diminish what he meant to this team overall.

Who Returns:


No. Name Pos. Yr. Exp. Ht./Wt. Comment
28 Marcus Bunton CB Jr. 2V 5-8/196 Backup - right corner, played 13 games.
13 James Conwright CB Jr. 2V 5-10/180 No significant playing time.
12 LaRon Moore DB Fr. RS 5-9/186 No significant playing time.
33 Brent Nickerson CB So. 1V 6-0/174 Played 9 games.
17 Chris Parker CB Sr. 2V 5-11/178 Starter - solid contributor.
31 Pete Richardson CB So. 1V 5-9/185 Played 6 games.
3 Jamar Wall DB So. 1V 5-10/194 Starter - played 10 games, also KO returns.
- Sam Aholo DB So. - 5-11/208 No significant playing time.
- De'Shon Sanders DB Jr. TR 6-1/191 Backup - left corner, needs to contribute now.
40 Nathan Stone DB Fr. RS 5-8/170 No significant playing time.


  • 2007
    1. Jamar Wall, So.
    2. Chris Parker, Sr.
    3. De'Shon Sanders, Jr.
    4. Marcus Bunton, Jr.
    5. LaRon Moore, Fr.
    6. Brent Nickerson, So.
    7. Pete Richardson, So.
  • 2008
    1. Jamar Wall, Jr.
    2. De'Shon Sanders, Sr.
    3. Marcus Bunton, Sr.
    4. LaRon Moore, So.
    5. Brent Nickerson, Jr.
    6. Pete Richardson, So.
    7. James Conwright, Sr.
    8. Nathan Stone, So.
  • 2009
    1. Jamar Wall, Sr.
    2. LaRon Moore, Jr.
    3. Brent Nickerson, Sr.
    4. Pete Richardson, Jr.
    5. Nathan Stone, Jr.

I really like the depth here. There's a good mix of talent and although I'm probably getting ahead of myself, I'm expecting great things from Jamar Wall. I think he has a chance to be a great player. I also like the fact that there's some serious depth here, unfortunately, the depth only goes through 2009 and like to think that defensive back will be a priority next year. Don't forget about Laron Moore. Although he spent last year redshirted, I think he will force himself on the field.

No. Name Pos. Yr. Exp. Ht./Wt. Comment
10 Daniel Charbonnet S Jr. 1V 5-11/195 Backup - played 13 games.
24 Lance Fuller S Jr. 2V 6-0/218 Backup - played 13 games
49 Joe Garcia S Sr. 3V 6-1/217 Starter - very solid, finished with 87 tackles.
28 Steven Harris S Fr. RS 5-11/184 No significant playing time.
23 Anthony Hines S Jr. 2V 6-1/224 Played 9 games.
7 Darcel McBath S Jr. 2V 6-1/196 Starter - must improve in coverage.
37 Franklin Mitchem S Fr. RS 6-2/185 No significant playing time.
18 Taylor Read S Jr. SQ 6-1/230 No significant playing time.
27 Jordy Rowland S Jr. 1V 6-1/194 No significant playing time.
34 Lashawn Vation S So. 1V 5-9/173 No significant playing time.
16 Loy White S Sr. SQ 5-8/192 No significant playing time.


  • 2007
    1. Joe Garcia, Sr.
    2. Darcel McBath, Jr.
    3. Lance Fuller, Jr.
    4. Daniel Charbonnet, Jr.
    5. Anthony Hines, Jr.
    6. Jordy Rowland, Jr.
    7. Franklin Mitchem, Fr.
    8. Steven Harris, Fr.
  • 2008
    1. Darcel McBath, Sr.
    2. Lance Fuller, Sr.
    3. Daniel Charbonnet, Sr.
    4. Anthony Hines, Sr.
    5. Jordy Rowland, Sr.
    6. Franklin Mitchem, So.
    7. Steven Harris, So.
  • 2009
    1. Franklin Mitchem, Jr.
    2. Steven Harris, Jr.
    3. Lashawn Vation, Sr.

It's very thin after 2009 and as thin as it is for the cornerbacks, it's even more thin for the safeties. It should be noted that more than likely, Taylor Charbonnet will play safety, but he's a number of years away from making a difference. This is an incredibly deep and diverse group of players and my hope is that if someone isn't up to par in any particular game that Setencich has no issue with replacing said player with one of the more than capable backups.

I'm very much looking forward to 2007 and 2008 with this group of defensive backs. I think that they will be able to provide some continuity to a very uncertain defensive situation as a whole. This will have to be the group of kids that leads this team.