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Sunday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Baseball:

This is getting to be just a tad ridiculous. Starting pitcher Colt Hynes pitched only 3.1 innings, gave up 9 hits and 8 earned runs. The Red Raider offense came back around and had made it a 1 run game, but the bullpen couldn't hold the lead as Sam Janca pitched 2.0 innings, walking 3 and giving up 3 runs. The offense does have signs of coming around, but now it's the pitching that can't seem to get it together. Matt Smith, Chris Richburg and Jason Seefelt each had 2 RBI for the day. LAJ's George Watson has his game story and has this from Coach Hayes:

"We've walked a lot of guys the last few days and just haven't pitched," Tech head coach Larry Hays said. "When you don't pitch it makes it hard to compete. You learn that each game is a different game and you have to turn the page and go, and we have to come back (today) and turn the page and go and pitch."

Does anyone else find it utterly amazing that Coach Hayes hasn't given up on this team? I'm not complaining and I'm sure he's given the team a piece of his mind privately, but my general sense is that when a coach is so positive he knows that this team has real limitations, so there's no point in getting too upset. That's a great trait for a coach to have, to have that self-realization of what a team can or cannot do.

The final game of the series is set to begin at 1:00 p.m.

Texas Tech Basketball:

According to LAJ's Jeff Walker, Coach Knight has hired a new strength and conditioning coach, Chris Braden, formerly of the University of Texas. Although a seemingly minor move, I think this is great for the men's team. I've always thought that our post players seemed soft and would hope that this changes things dramatically over the next two years.

Texas Tech Football:

No Tech players have been drafted as of yet, I'm thinking that Ramirez should be the first Tech player off the board, and should be Filani 2nd, but for whatever reason, teams are not focusing on the fact that Joel was a dominating receiver on a pretty good football team. I'm rooting for all the Tech players today, but especially Filani who I think deserves a chance, but also Huffman who I think if he had a little bit of money, he would be able to improve any community beyond comprehension.