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Red Raiders Have Three Players Drafted in 2007 NFL Draft

Texas Tech Football:

Congratulations not onlyl to Manuel Ramirez, but to Joe Filania and to Keyunta Dawson, they've all been drafted, which means that they'll have an opportunity to make their new team. As articles crop up as to how these players will fit in with their respective teams, I'll make sure and post them here. Here's how things played out for these recent Texas Tech grads:

  • Manuel Ramirez: 4th round, pick # 117 to Detroit - I think that any player going to Detroit has a chance to start and play, especially considering how strong Ramirez has proven to be over the course of the combine process.
  • Joel Filani: 6th round, pick # 188 to Tennessee - Filani will have ample opportunity to make the team as the Titans recently lost Drew Bennett to free agency, I think Brandon Jones is coming off an injury, but Filani will provide a big target for Vince Young and as we are well aware has the ability to out-muscle cornerbacks.
  • Keyunta Dawson: 7 round, pick # 242 Indianapolis - The Colts may have found something that they liked in former Red Raider, Monte Reagor (who recently departed), and thought they might be able to get the same type of player. I still see Dawson as being a rush end, and hope that he'll be able to fill that position for the Colts.

Once again, congratulations to each one of these players. As far as the remaining players, I'll do my best to track as to where each player signs as a rookie free agent.

Update [2007-4-29 21:47:22 by Seth C]:

This is from the Texas Tech website:

Punter Alex Reyes inked a three-year free agent contract with the Minnesota Vikings, while offensive tackle Gabe Hall and wide receiver Jarrett Hicks signed with the New York Giants and San Diego Chargers.

Three years for Reyes? That's incredible. Congrats to Reyes, Hall and Hicks.