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Friday Morning Notes

Ever have one of those days where life/job gets in the way of blogging? Well, I did yesterday and as a result I had to let a number of things wait until this morning.

Texas Tech Football:

As you are probably well aware, Jack Bicknell, Jr. is leaving to go to back home to Boston College. For those of you who don't know, Bicknell was the center who hiked the ball to Flutie for that fateful pass. I'm not real happy about the timing of this move. LAJ's Don Williams expounds on the story and has some quotes from Bicknell, Jr. about his motivation for taking the new job:

"Really, I had absolutely no intention of leaving (Tech) for a long time," Bicknell said. "I had bought a house (in Lubbock) and settled in. Then (BC) started talking about making me assistant head coach and offered me a substantial amount of money. Then I started thinking about getting back near my family. It was just something that I felt like I had to do."

Don't get me wrong, I understand wanting to get back to your family, but Bicknell made a commitment, he worked with the offensive line all spring and now the kids have got to adjust to a new coach. Williams also got some quotes from Coach Leach on the matter, and it's good to get some advice from my sensei:

Leach said he wants to fill the position by June 1, in time for a new coach to be in place for program's June football camps.

"It has to be addressed, but it's not a concern," Leach said. "Everybody's heading somewhere. Stuff happens all the time."

SMQ has Mike Leach's next edition of "Ask Mike Leach". I won't try to summarize the question, but I will post part of the answer:

It could also be they're avoiding you because you're an asshole. I was listening to public radio recently while I was mapping the inefficiencies of my local sewer system for my upcoming presentation to the Lubbock City Council, "Optimization of Collection System Maintenance Frequencies and System Performance," and I heard a story about a guy who suddenly realized all his friends thought he was an asshole. They actually called him an asshole to his face a lot of the time, but he thought they were just joking around, busting his balls. Really, though, he was just a total jerk. Interrupting people, making inappropriate jokes, dismissing stories before people even had a chance to tell them, saying vaguely racist things. All "ironic," right, but this guy never stopped being ironic. So he was just an asshole. He started asking people about it, and he found out his friends warned people who were about to meet him for the first time and a lot of the time just tried to exclude him altogether if possible. Even his mom thought he was an asshole and had just come to accept it. This is probably your problem, too, FU. Ask around.

Just go read the whole article. Actually, do what I do and get a Gmail account (I don't think you need an invitation any more), put SMQ and DTN in your Google Reader and let the greatness of the inernet come to you.

Texas Tech football tickets went on sale on Thursday. For those of you in Lubbock, go to the game. For those of you in the hinterlands outside of Lubbock, go see Tech play. You'll be able to say that you got to see Michael Crabtree play before he breaks every conceivable NCAA receiving record forcing Congress to change the laws regarding the election of Presidents (which will be known as the "Crabtree Rule") which then allows Crabtree to run for President before attaining the age of 35, and is eventually elected as President of these United States at the tender age of 25.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker has more on Tech's latest commitment, Corbin Ray. The quote I like the most from Ray, is that he liked how they recruited him (i.e. Pat Knight is going to be a great recruiter, just give him time):

"I had narrowed it down to Tech and A&M and (Gillispie leaving) didn't have any impact," Ray said. "I knew about Texas Tech and really liked their interest level and how they recruited me. I know I made the right decision."

Texas Tech Baseball:

LAJ's George Watson previews this weekend's series with Missery and reminds all Tech fans of the worst defeat in Tech history, a 25-0 no hitter at the hands of the Tigers. Pitcher AJ Ramos and Watson comment on the current situation with the Red Raiders:
"It's very important," right-hander AJ Ramos said of the series. "Winning is always important, but now we need to get some wins and we're at a point where we can't afford to lose any more games. That's the situation."

With three conference series left, the Red Raiders are in seventh place in the league standings. They're only a half game ahead of ninth-place Baylor, but they're also just a game behind fifth-place Oklahoma, and all three remaining series for the Red Raiders are against teams ahead of them in both the conference standings and Ratings Percentage Index (RPI).

Big 12 News:

According to DMN's Chip Brown, the Big 12 and ABC/ESPN have renewed and expanded the networks' current coverage beginning in 2008-2009. This is great news for Tech fans. More Big 12 coverage means more Texas Tech games will be televised.