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Texas Tech Football Depth Chart: 04-24-07

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Texas Tech released it's post-spring depth chart and I thought I'd do some comparisons with the pre-spring depth chart issued by the staff.

  • Quarterback:
    1. Graham Harrell
    2. Taylor Potts
    3. Steven Sheffield
    4. Nothing changed here, despite spring stories of Potts' success. Harrell's the man.

  • Running Back:
    1. Kobey Lewis
    2. Shannon Woods
    3. Baron Batch
    4. Ryan Hayes
    5. Aaron Crawford
    6. Despite Leach's declarations that Woods was 3rd team, he appears to be 2nd team RB. Woods' leash is very short and if Woods doesn't go, then I think A.Crawford may get some touches this year if Batch doesn't come back with a vengence.

  • H Inside Receiver:
    1. Eric Morris
    2. Kelly Hildebrandt
    3. I'm surprised Hildebrandt is 2nd here and don't expect him to see much playing time. I should give a little explination here, previously, when I would post my depth chart I would simply post my top receivers, paying no attention to position (H, Y, X and Z) because I've always felt that despite position, the most talented players play. Todd Walker seems to have been pushed out at the X position, and could see him getting time at any reciever position that doesn't have a lot of depth, including this H receiving position. Also, don't forget about Adrian Reese at the inside receiver postion.

  • Y Inside Receiver:
    1. Danny Amendola
    2. Grant Walker
    3. I like this combination of players. I think this will be a very productive position for the Red Raiders this fall. I don't think there's any doubt that Harrell loves throwing to Amendola. Remember that pre-spring, this position belonged to Grant Walker and Adrian Reese.

  • X Wide Receiver:
    1. LA Reed
    2. Ed Britton
    3. Pre-spring, we had Todd Walker adn L.A. Reed, but consider how much more athletic this duo is that Walker. Britton will be the one receiver who is capable of just running by defenders, having that on the outside is extremely important. Having a receiver who can do that literally pulls the field apart for opposing defenders. I really like Britton here and am beginning to think that he may begin to take over this position.

  • Z Wide Receiver:
    1. Michael Crabtree
    2. Lyle Leong
    3. Crabtree was the star of the spring and proved that he belongs in the starting lineup. I'm going to keep repeating myself, but Crabtree will break every receiving record at Tech if he stays healthy and if he stays all 4 years. I also like Leong here, he catches everything, as we saw during the spring game, and he's got some athletic ability to boot. Pre-spring it was Britton and Crabtree and I personally like having Britton and Crabree on opposite ends of the field.

  • Right Tackle:
    1. Rylan Reed
    2. Andrew Johnson
    3. Lonnie Edwards
    4. In the post-spring depth chart, Andrew Johnson is listed behind Reed, however, I believe that Edwards will jump ahead of Johnson once fall practice begins. Edwards is just too talented not to get him on the field.

  • Right Guard:
    1. Brandon Carter
    2. Stephen Hamby
    3. I get the feeling that both of these guys are neck-and-neck, whoever is the most healthy is going to start, but both of them will play.

  • Center:
    1. Shawn Byrnes
    2. Justin Keown
    3. I think this will remain the same throughout the season. I think the coaches like the way Keown has performed and Byrnes is solid.

  • Left Guard:
    1. Louis Vasquez
    2. Stephen Hamby
    3. I really thought that Olson would be in play at right tackle, but the coaches have put him at guard behind the one starter who will probably not split much time with anyone else.

  • Left Tackle:
    1. Marlon Winn
    2. Chris Olson
    3. I think Winn is going to the the best lineman of the bunch. I don't necessarily have a reason for believing that, it's more guy than anything else. I also like the idea of having Olson be versed in a couple of positions. I think that Olson's a talented kid and if he's capable of learning two positions then that makes him that much more valuable to the team.

  • Nose Tackle:
    1. RaJon Henley
    2. Brian Jones
    3. Colby Whitlock
    4. Henley looked really good in the scrimmage. An excellent motor, I think he'll be much better than expected. Whitlock is the key here, I truly hope that he has the strength and stamina to compete at the next level immediately.

  • Defensive Tackle:
    1. Richard Jones
    2. Clint Stoffels
    3. Britton Barbee
    4. Somehow, I managed to leave Richard off of the last depth chart I did, and I apologize for that. I think Jones will be very solid, but am shocked at the play of Turbo. He will surprise people next year.

  • Defensive End:
    1. Brandon Williams
    2. Jake Ratliff
    3. Sandy Riley
    4. Phillip Jones
    5. Tyler Yenzer
    6. I'm not going to split these up. Every one of these guys will play and they're all better than you think. I also think that they'll do a better job of getting to the quarterback than last year's group. Much like the DT's the DE's will surprise you.

  • Strongside Linebacker:
    1. Kellen Tillman
    2. Ty Linder
    3. Julius Howard
    4. I won't go into my dislike for Tillman here, but I am surprised that Linder is backing him up. I would rather see the more athletic Howard getting some playing time. Remember last season that Tillman was replaced late in the year and I hope that the coaching staff is considering Howard. One more dig on Tillman and the only reason I remember this is because of my distaste for him, but at some point I wondered if he was even playing during the spring game, and he was, he just wasn't making any plays.

  • Middle Linebacker:
    1. Paul Williams
    2. Victor Hunter
    3. Sandy Riley
    4. Brian Duncan
    5. There's no doubt that Williams will be an upgrade, but I would still expect that some of the reserves get some playing time. It would be a shame to leave them on the bench.

  • Weakside Linebacker:
    1. Chad Hill
    2. Marlon Williams
    3. Blake Collier
    4. Ryan Hale
    5. Hill was injured all spring, but the one guy who made an impression during the spring game was Collier. Setencich needs to get him on the field, he's incredibly fast, Tech does not have a player who can get to the quarterback as quickly as Collier can.

  • Cornerback:
    1. Jamar Wall
    2. Chris Parker
    3. De'Shon Sanders
    4. Marcus Bunton
    5. LaRon Moore
    6. Brent Nickerson
    7. Pete Richardson
    8. This list hasn't changed much. There's a ton of talent in the defensive backfield, and it will be a real shame that more of these kids don't get some playing time.

  • Safety:
    1. Joe Garcia
    2. Darcel McBath
    3. Anthony Hines
    4. Lance Fuller
    5. Daniel Charbonnet
    6. Jordy Rowland
    7. Franklin Mitchem
    8. Steven Harris
    9. Lots of playmakers here. The great thing about having talented players at almost every position in the defensive backfield means that no one can rest or take a play off. There is someone who is behind each player who is capable of making plays and contributing.