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Sunday Evening Notes

I'm watching the Maverick game, which means a relatively late night for myself, which also means that I might not be up as early as we are all accustomed.

Thus, I thought that with it being half-time I could post some quick notes on today's game and some football news.

Also, I've done an updated depth chart that I hope to post tomorrow evening.

Texas Tech Baseball:

The Red Raiders lost the 3rd game of the 3 game set with the Jayhawks, 8-1. I know that this sounds mostly discouraging, however, look at the box score. Slowly but surely, the pitching is coming around for this team as starting pitcher, Cory Large pitched 5 innings, allowing 1 run and striking out 4, while walking only 1. The bullpen betrayed the Red Raiders as reliever Chris Ortmeier gave up 3 runs in 1/3 of an inning, Josh Scofield walked two, and Paul Gonzalez gave up two additional runs.

The offense struggled again, managing only 1 run, coming off of a homerun by Chris Richburg. In this 3 game set with Kansas, they've only managed 5 runs the entire series. Something has got to be done to light a fire under these bats.

As time allows, I'll post George Watson's article from the LAJ tomorrow morning.

Texas Tech play College of the Southwest (I think this is a make-up game of a make-up game) Monday at 2:00 p.m.

Texas Tech Football:

SEN's Tim Griffin has his weekly installment of the Big 12 Insider with the main focus being some golf tournament fiasco in Nebraska (I'll be honest, I skipped that part). The thing that bothers me about Tim's work is that I think he's being a little lazy. He ranks the Big 12 post-spring and has Tech 7th behind Texas, OU, Nebraska, A&M, OSU, and Missouri. That's fine, he's entitled to his opinion, but here's his comment on Tech:

7. Texas Tech: Mike Leach has ratcheted up competition at all positions - including quarterback.

Huh. Surely he's reading DTN and the reports that Harrell clearly outplayed Potts in the spring game and there is no competition.

Tim also has a 1st and 2nd team All-Big 12, post-spring, and the only Red Raider that makes the cut is Joe Garcia. I'm telling everyone now, go ahead and put Crabtree 1st team all Big 12, he's going to dominate.