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Kansas 0, Texas Tech 1

Texas Tech Baseball:

AJ Ramos pitched a complete game shutout, holding the Kansas Jayhawks to 3 hits, 1 walk and 5 strikeouts. Tech scored their only run behind Roger Kieschnick, who went 3-4 with an RBI single, knocking in Jason Seefeld. Ramos faced only 31 batters and through 137 pitches.

This is exactly the type of game the Red Raiders needed, however, it would be beneficial if the offense were to get on track today and start knocking in some runs.

LAJ's George Watson has his game story. George has this from Ramos:

"I had a lot of confidence out there, especially with our defense," Ramos said. "I still didn't have my best stuff but I could locate my fastball pretty good and it was moving. It just feels good to get the win."

If it's college baseball talk that you want then head over to Corn Nation where there will be an open thread and feel free to talk about any game. In fact, Corn is probably watching baseball right now.

I almost fogot, this weekend is Turn Back the Clock weekend and the Red Raiders are wearing vintage uniforms.

Here's a picture of pitcher AJ Ramos:

Staci Gray / Staff at Lubbock Avalanche Journal

Next is first baseman, James Leverton:

Associated Press

Where can I get my hat? Those are freaking awesome!