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Friday Morning Baseball Notes

The Red Raiders begin their weekend series with the Kansas Jayhawks. Here are your starting pitchers:

  • Friday -
    • Texas Tech: AJ Ramos
    • Kansas: Andy Marks
  • Saturday -
    • Texas Tech: Josh Scofield
    • Kansas: Zach Ashwood
  • Sunday -
    • Texas Tech: Colt Hynes
    • Kansas: Wally Marciel

Interestingly, it's Turn Back the Clock Weekend, which means that the Red Raiders will be wearing "vintage uniforms". I love uniforms, so I wonder what those unis will look like. Besides that, LAJ's George Watson previews the series and focuses on the need of the offense to be more consistent. Hitting Coach Daren Hays has this to say about this season's offense:

"The main thing is you've got to have a plan and a solid approach and stick with it," hitting coach Daren Hays said. "A lot of our inconsistency comes when players go outside of the basic plan, and that's the most frustrating thing is when guys get outside of a solid approach. We have guys who can swing the bats that haven't done well at the plate, and because of that we haven't had a time when we've had four or five guys hot at the same time of the year.

"We've shown the ability to do things extremely well and at times we've shown our age. Baseball is not a game you can play timid or can play tight. The game rewards you for playing the game well, and I realize we're young, but we've got to get over that and get to where we execute the basic fundamentals."

George also has some notes on the series, but also has some notes about what Texas Tech teams will wear to honor the slain students at Virginia Tech:

Tech will take part in the "Hokie Hope" movement on Friday to honor the memories of the victims from the Virginia Tech campus shooting on Monday. Tech and Kansas will wear maroon and orange T-shirts during batting practice, as will the Tech and Oklahoma tennis teams during warmups prior to their match at the McLeod Tennis Center. Tech and Kansas will also wear special memorial stickers on their batting helmets. Also, fans will have a chance to offer their condolences on a banner outside of Dan Law Field that will first be signed by Tech head coach Larry Hays, athletic director Gerald Myers, president Jon Whitmore and chancellor Kent Hance.