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Monday Morning Notes

Wedding completed and I'm exhausted. Only two more weddings to go to this year and that makes me happy.

Texas Tech Football:

Lots to report on from Saturday's scrimage. LAJ's Don Williams breaks down the scrimage and initially focuses on new starting wide receiver, Eric Morris. My favorite quote of the day:

"He's doing some good stuff," Tech coach Mike Leach said. "He survived that hit Turbo (Stoffels) put on him, which would have killed a mortal. He started coming on, I thought, the last third of last year. The last third of last year, I thought he really took off and was really doing some good stuff."

First, I like the prasie for Morris, but secondly, I love Leach's nickname for walk-on defensive tackle, Clint Stoffels, Turbo and the fact that his hit would have killed a mortal, but taking it a bit further, Morris, is obviously not mortal.

In the scrimmage itself, the offense was efficient as Harrell threw 19-23 for 282 yards and 4 touchdowns: 11 yards to Amendola, 16 yards to L.A. Reed, 24 yards to Michael Crabtree, and 26 yards to Ed Britton. Tyler Potts was 12-16 and also threw an 11 yard touchdown to Lyle Leong.

FWST's Dwain Price has a small article on the scrimmage and had this from Harrell:

"I thought we competed well," said quarterback Graham Harrell, who completed 19 of 23 passes for 282 yards and three touchdowns. "The defense had some good plays, the offense had some good plays, and I thought we really moved the ball well on offense, and I thought the receivers really made some big plays for us."

Leach was particularly happy with the way the offensive line played:

"I thought the offensive line did the best job as a unit today," Leach said. "We have a lot of young guys out there who have stepped in and played hard this spring. I was happy with the way the group played and their keeping the defense off the quarterbacks."

Here's some stats on some of the defenders:

  • Brian Duncan, LB, 5 tackles
  • Darcel McBath, S, 5 tackles
  • Marlon Williams, LB, 5 tackles
  • Lance Fuller, S, 5 tackles
  • Ryan Hale, LB, 4 tackles
  • Daniel Charbonnet, S, 1 int
  • Rajon Henley, DT, 1 sack
  • Sandy Riley, DE, 1 sack
  • Victor Hunter, LB, 1 sack

In Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook, he reports that senior quarterback Ryan Rowland is leaving the team to focus on academics. I'm a little surprised by this news, but it doesn't come as a complete shock. Guys play football to play in the games and Rowland never would have had that opportunity with Harrell firmly entrenched as the starter. Also, defensive tackle Richard Jones is out for the remainder of the spring with shoulder surgery, but is expected to make a full recovery in time for August practices. This is fairly disappointing. The most surprising bit of news is that former defensive end, McKinnor Dixon wants back on the team:

Dixon couldn't enroll at Tech before January 2008 and would have to have his grades and satisfactory progress toward a degree in order to do so. Dixon would have to complete an associate's degree to transfer to another major college, but that's not required by NCAA rules if a player wants to return to his original institution. He only has to be academically eligible.

"I'd like to keep my options open, like to see what options I would have," Dixon said. "But I'm definitely coming back here. This is my place, my home."

This is great news, but it would be even better news if he could play defensive tackle.

LAJ's Jeff Walker Huddles Up With Former Tech QB, Chris Todd. Sounds like Todd has a good to decent relationship with the entire Tech team and staff, and the fact that he came back is an indication that he really wishes he had the opportunity to play at Tech, but understands that in order for him to do that he's got to move on to another school. There are also some notes from Saturday's scrimage.

Finally, Don notes that Tech has picked up two commitments, both from Oklahoma. Running back Harrison Jeffers, who's listed at 5-9, 207 and defensive end, Joey Fowler, 6-4, 265. I find it interesting that Tech is starting to look across the Red River for football players. I could care less where they come from so long as they can play and it's nice to see Tech dip their toes in other states, but would still prefer a stronger presence in DFW than anywhere else.

NCAA Tournament:

I previewed the National Championship game last night. Either way, it should be a great game. Check out:

Texas Tech Baseball:

Tech split yesterday's double-header and lost Sunday. I was able to watch the first game on Fox Sports. I was really impressed with pitcher AJ Ramos, who pitched to contact and was able to throw strikes most of the game. It's very disappointing that the Red Raiders lost the series. Although I've said before that Tech needs some starting pitchers to step up and pitch, I always tend to forget that the Tech lost Miles Morgan very early and he was by far their best pitcher of the year.

I'll provide the boxscores for all three games and if you want to check out the game stories, go to the LAJ baseball page where you can read the game recaps from George Watson.