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Leach on the Punters

Leach is so classic. I could quote him every day and never get tired of it. Great example, we have a follow up article by DT's Adam Coleman on the search for a punter and it appears that there were 5 guys who made it through the first few cuts.

Coleman has some quotes from some of the prospective punters and they're all decent sound bites. Even special teams coach Ruffin McNeil talks about some of the kids trying out. And although this isn't what this post is about, my honest opnion is that I love that Leach is involving the student body, it gives the students something to talk about. It's fun and different.

But the payoff is here:

Tech coach Mike Leach said he felt the tryouts went well, especially how James attempted to fill the position.

"I thought it went pretty good," Leach said. "We got a couple guys. Adam James shows up and says, 'You looking for a punter?' and I say, 'yeah, can you punt?' and he says, 'yeah' and I say, 'so punt' and he says, 'I'm not even warmed up' and I say, 'so what, punt' and he punts it 45 yards. (He's) pretty good for a guy that hadn't been doing much of it."

Just laugh and thank whoever you pray to at night that Leach is in Lubbock.