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Thursday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Football:

I thought I would have few football-centric articles now that the offseason has started, and as is the natural order of things I find two football articles this morning. SEN's Tim Griffin has his Big 12 Notebook and an article on the newfound Big 12 quarterback parity. I think Tim's a little misguided here as far as Tech is concerned. Although Leach did state that Potts was pushing Harrell, I think the final spring performance showed everyone that although talented, Potts is not quite yet ready for prime time.

Tim writes this on the "quarterback controversy":

Tech quarterback Graham Harrell was presumed to have a lock on the Red Raiders' starting job after passing for conference-leading totals of 4,555 yards and 38 touchdowns last season, capping his big season with a dramatic comeback victory over Minnesota in the Bowl. But redshirt freshman Taylor Potts has played his way into contention after the Red Raiders' spring game Saturday in Lubbock.

I just don't see it. As much as Leach was pumping up Potts, his play during the Red-Black Spring Game dictated that Potts still has a ton of things work on before being ready, most notably reading the defenses, taking what the offense gives him, making quicker decisions, and effectively getting the ball down the field. This isn't to say that Potts won't eventually learn to do those things, but he's just not quite ready.

In the Big 12 Notebook, Tim thinks that the biggest need is to find 4 offensive linemen who can play, however, I too think that the biggest need is to find (and I think that Leach and Setencich did) defensive linemen who could hold their own and get some pressure on the quarterback.

Tim also things that the spring standout was Potts. Ummmm, no, it was Michael Crabtree, not even a question about that.

Texas Tech Baseball:

LAJ's George Watson has a preview of the Kansas Jayhawks. As I said the other day, Tech needs to start running the table again the opposing team and it has to start with Kansas.