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Virginia Tech Memorial Funds

I typically don't like to get very personal with this blog for a couple of reasons, but mainly because I'm not sure that you necessarily want to hear me try and talk about the world's events.

My real job is an estate planning and probate attorney, and as a result, I see too often my share of death, as I typically deal with family members who have lost a loved one literally everyday. My job of course is to help those who have lost a loved one get through the process as easily as possible.

Having to deal with death from a legal perspective I tend to be a little more clinical than others, simply because my job would be too emotional if I didn't. One of my sports blog colleagues passed along the website for the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund. I was also provided this link from the United Way to assist in funeral expenses for those slain students. I cannot think of two more worthy causes, as funeral expenses can drain a family financially. It is not uncommon for funerals to cost in the neighborhood of $15,000, and although most older people have life insurance policies or pre-need funeral policies to cover this sort of event, this is not something that college students even consider.

If you have considered helping these families in times of need, I would ask you to consider these two charities.

I thank you in advance for your time and appreciate your consideration.