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Wednesday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Football:

I failed to mention the DT yesterday and their breakdown of the game where Adam Coleman focuses on the the offseason. Coleman had this on Monday's practice:

At Monday's practice, the team walked through plays from the Red-Black game and previous practices. The practice also was used to help some of the second- and third-string players add reps. This spring, some players, like senior cornerback Chris Parker and sophomore running back Baron Batch, have been unable to participate in practice because of injuries.

I thought there were a couple of strange things that came out of spring practice. The first is that Leach's attempt to motivate Graham Harrell worked to an extent, but it helps if Potts were a little more refined. I think he's on track, but he's still needs game time to be effective. Second, Leach wanted Woods to think about his situation all summer. I think that's smart

FWST's Mike Jones has a Big 12 Spring Football Notebook. News about Oklahoma State, Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas State. Nothing earth shattering, but worth a minute of your time.

Texas Tech Basketball:

I wonder if there's any other writer who goes to such great lengths to cover the Big 12 than SEN's Tim Griffin. Tim has his latest edition of his Big 12 Notebook and he covers a number of topics. Tim begins his notebook discussing that it's not good for the Big 12 to lose so many big-time coaches in one short year. Here's a pretty interesting bit about new Kansas State Coach, Frank Martin:

Martin's coaching career is marked by his time at Miami High, a school that he led to the Florida 1998 Class 6A high school state title. Later, the Florida High School Athletic Association stripped the school of its title, as Commissioner Ron Davis called the cheating "one of the most, if not the most, blatant violation of FSHAS rules against recruiting that I have ever seen."

Miami New Times newspaper unearthed several recruiting violations that involved bringing recognizable players to Martin's high school.

Point guard Steve Blake, who attended college at Maryland and now plays for the NBA's Denver Nuggets, claimed to live with a school booster a few blocks from Miami High. It turned out that Blake actually lived with his family in the upscale suburb of Miami Lakes - miles from the Miami High campus.

Power forward Udonis Haslem, later of Florida and the Miami Heat, claimed to live with Miami High's scorekeeper in a studio apartment near the high school. It turned out that Haslem lived with his father and stepmother in Miramar, Fla., in a different county than Martin's old school.

Martin is the guy, if you watched any KSU games this season, who appeared ready to go ballistic on almost any questionable call. He made the bombastic Huggins' demeanor almost appear placid in comparison.

Those factors make the decision by the KSU braintrust as one of the riskiest of all of the hirings. But it also provides the best opportunity for immediate success, if the recruits pan out.

Hmmmm. That's very interesting and I haven't seen this information anywhere else.

Okay, check what I just said about the stuff above being interesting. This is interesting:

252 - Amount of pounds lost by new ISU football defensive coordinator Wayne Bolt over the last year. Bolt weighed more than 500 pounds last year before undergoing gastro-bypass surgery. Since then, he now weighs 248. "It's been a good year for me," Bolt, 51, told the Des Moines Register. "I decided to get my life in order."

Holy smokes, I thought Mangino was a big guy, but 500 lbs. is ridiculous. Kudos to Bolt for losing the weight.

Texas Tech Baseball:

I've fallen a little behind on the baseball team and after this past weekend's sweep by Texas, it's been a little disheartening. First, Texas completed the sweep against Texas Tech on Sunday, beating the Red Raiders 4-2. For once, it was not the pitching that failed Tech as Tech got a decent start from Colt Hynes, but was the offense that failed to produce, managing only 5 hits all day.

LAJ's George Watson writes about how the Red Raiders are struggling to recover. Tech sits at 5-9 in the conference and a good showing against Kansas would do wonders for this club. Also, last night's game with College of the Southwest was washed out due to the rain and will be made up April 23, 2007.

Non-Texas Tech News:

Because sometimes its good to laugh, a funny video featuring Will Ferrell (language warning).