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Status of Double T Nation

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It's official. Other than the baseball, the offseason is upon us and now we must bide our time until we can see the football light at the end of the tunnel. So what can we expect from Double T Nation for the remainder of the summer?

Texas Tech Football History: I fully admit that my history of the Texas Tech football program is severely lacking and think it would be appropriate to take on certain years throughout the weeks and focus on a particular season. Good season or bad season, I think every team has a story to tell. I've already got this book and this book on my reading list. If anyone has any further suggestions or would like to send me their copy, that would be great.

Basketball Previews: I will continue with the basketball previews of the returning players and the players coming into the program. Although the basketball program is losing some very good to less than average talent, but I also think that there's more than enough to do some serious damage in the Big 12 and I like this team going forward more than last year's team. I'll go ahead and throw this out there now, John Roberson will be to Texas Tech basketball as Michael Crabtree will be to Texas Tech football.

Football, Football, and more Football: By the time the summer rolls around, you'll be completely sick of talking football, breaking down players, etc. I know, you're probably thinking that there's only so much football you can talk about. Well, you're wrong, very, very wrong. We'll take a look at the opposing teams on our schedule, match-ups, stats, etc. Just remember, that I promise not to be complacent. There's always something to write about, and yes, I do take any and all suggestions, questions, comments, etc.

Baseball? I hope that the Red Raiders make a final push here at the end of the season and make the CWS Tournament. Either way, I think I'll be able to dedicate quite a bit more time to the baseball team.

Go Raiders . . .