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Tuesday Morning Football Notes

It's difficult to get back to the to the normalcy of life after yesterday's tragedy. I don't think there's anything I can say or do here other than to offer my deepest sorrow and condolences from the Texas Tech family to all involved.

There's a little news this morning that I'll touch on, but we'll probably get back into things tomorrow.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams reports that Shannon Woods is now the 3rd team, behind Kobey Lewis and Ryan Hayes. This is from Coach Leach:

"I didn't think he competed very hard," Leach said. "Somebody asked me if stats from last year register for anything this year. Well, they don't. Of course, they don't, because you don't get any points out of them and you don't get any results out of them for this year. Right now, he's third team, and then when Baron Batch gets healthy, we'll see what happens there."

I'll believe it when I see it, Woods being replaced, but we have all summer to speculate. Don does a nice job of reviewing the spring in general in this article and gets a number of quotes from Leach on a number of positions. The article is well worth the read this morning. Perhaps the most interesting to me will be how Lyle and Leach decide who should see playing time at the linebacker position:

Seniors Kellen Tillman, Paul Williams and Chad Hill, who missed the spring, project as the starting linebackers, but depth is still to be sorted out. In particular, Setencich said he has to figure out how to use Blake Collier and Julius Howard, both of whom could wind up at either weak-side or strong-side linebacker. Howard was among the handful of defensive players Setencich listed as his most improved.

Don also Huddles Up With LA Reed. Don also focuses on the back-up safety battle between Danie Charbonnet and Lance Fuller. Defensive coordinator has this on Lyle Setencich:

"It'll be Hines for sure (as top backup) and then Danny Charbonnet or Fuller. The fourth one is not real clear yet. Jordy Rowland did some things in spring that might get him into the two-deep. (Steven) Harris started to show some signs. It might be him. There's quite a bit of competition there."