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Texas Tech Red Raiders - Red-Black Scrimmage Notes

The Texas Tech Defense beat the Texas Tech Offense, 46-35, at the annual Red-Black Scrimmage. Lots of stats to get to and I actually paid the $9.95 to watch the game over the internet so I have some notes of my own, essentially things I picked up on as I was watching the game, with no real form. The stats first:


  • The Offense
    • Graham Harrell: 16-25, 317 yards, 3 passing touchdowns, 1 rushing touchdown, 2 interceptions
    • Taylor Potts: 16-27, 139 yards, 1 interception, 6 sacks
    • Danny Amendola: 6 receptions, 71 yards
    • L.A. Reed: 6 receptions, 58 yards
    • Michael Crabtree: 3 receptions, 112 yards, 1 touchdown
    • Ed Britton: 3 receptions, 93 yards, 1 touchdown
    • Lyle Leong: 4 receptions, 44 yards
    • Adrian Reese: 3 receptions, 43 yards
    • Ryan Hayes: 7 carries, 34 yards (Hayes is a walk-on from Lubbock Christian)
    • Kobey Lewis: 6 carries, 28 yards, 1 touchdown
  • The Defense
    • Lance Fuller: 5 tackles
    • Phillip Jones: 2 sacks
    • Sandy Riley: 2 sacks
    • Pete Richardson: 93 yard interception return for touchdown
    • Nathan Stone: 43 yard interception return for touchdown
    • LaShawn Vation: 6 tackles, 1 interception

Article Roundup:

LAJ's Don Williams opens things up with an scrimmage recap. Williams focuses on the play of the wide receivers who are going to be great for Tech this year. This from wide receivers coach Lincoln Riley:

"Every guy that we have right now is pretty good after the catch as far as making things happen," Riley said. "That's exciting, knowing that if we can get completions and make routine plays, those guys have a chance to take it the distance."

Don also compiles a Red Raider Notebook. A couple of quotes from Pete Richardson who made some outstanding plays yesterday and Nathan Stone, who also had in interception.

Also noted is that Tech picked up their 4th commitment for 2008, Frenship's defensive end, Ryan Haliburton. Weighing in at 6'-4", 230, his current coach, Brad Davis, says that he's got good speed and a frame that will add an additional 30 pounds.

Finally, Williams notes the excellent job that Sandy Riley did in yesterday's scrimmage as well as the consistent play of Lyle Leong, who, as I note below, catches everything thrown his way.

LAJ's Jeff Walker also put together, a By The Numbers article, and notes the plays of the day, both on offense and defense.

FWST's Dwain Price, who might be the new beat writer for the FWST, checks in as well with an article about the scrimmage. Price has this from Coach Leach:

"I thought the offense did good, and the defense played well," Leach said. "But we still have some things we need to work on."

Price also had this from Harrell:

"I thought we had our ups and downs offensively," Harrell said. "In the first half we moved the ball well."


"We knew he was a great receiver," Harrell said. "He's big, he's strong, he's fast, and he can catch the ball in traffic. He made a lot of plays today."

Price also grabbed a quote from Michael Crabtree and he's brimming with confidence:

"I expect to score every time I touch it," said Crabtree, whose receptions covered 52, 43 and 17 yards. "I think I was average."

Is he a little confident? Hell yes, and I could care less, he's going to be dominating next year. That's right, dominating.

Seth C's Spring Notes

  • Offense:
    • Harrell is the leader of this team. No question, I don't care what Leach says. He was poised and made good decisions most of the day. There is no controversy.
    • Michael Crabtree is amazing. He is big, fast and strong. Big 12, you are on notice.
    • The offensive line was good, but not great. I have a feeling that they will struggle a little more than I'd like. Bicknell still has some work to do. I liked the play of Keown and Byrnes at center. Marlon Winn was very good at left tackle. Vasquez was solid as well.
    • Leong is skinny, but caught everything his way, I think he'll contribute more than you might think this year.
    • Amendola is Harrell's favorite receiver. It's almost too obvious. Danny will catch a ton of passes this year.
    • Easy Ed Britton is very fast. He will make a huge for the Red Raiders next year.
    • Potts is decent, but he's not close to being ready to play. He forced one interception, just floated the ball to Amendola into double coverage. Needs to work on his touch passes. Also needs to make quicker decisions, seemed indecisive at times which led to incompletions and sacks.
  • Defense:
    • Rojan Henley was pretty good at defensive tackle, was able to get a pretty good push all day, even despite double teams. A guy who I think is Clint "Turbo" Stoeffels (I couldn't see a name on the jersey), is going to contribute this year.
    • The defensive ends were getting some pressure on the quarterback. Especially effective was Phillip Jones and Sandy Riley, who both have a great motor for the game.
    • Lance Fuller made a number of good tackles.
    • Although there is still quite a bit of the linebackers over-pursuing, there is a definite difference in the speed.
    • De'Shon Sanders had a nice interception as did Pete Richardson. Both broke on the pass very quickly.
    • Blake Collier has the size to be a linebacker, now he just needs to master the position. Had one sack on Potts where he came off the edge and was in Potts face very quickly.
    • Nathan Stone made a great play on a Harrell pass, jumped in front of the wide receiver (I can't remember who it was) and brought it back for a touchdown.
    • Defense started making a lot of plays once they started rushing only 3 linemen.
    • The defense made plays overall, pressure on the quarterback, interceptions, causing fumbles, all of this is great news for a defense that struggled last year to make plays at all.