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Red-Black Scrimmage Preview

Texas Tech Football:

For those of you who are going to the scrimmage, I am incredibly jealous. I plan on notifying my entire family on Saturday night that they had better not plan any more weddings during the football season, or during the spring game. I've got responsibilities.

You can watch the game here, but there's a price, starting at $9.95/month (Internet Explorer only). I'll be signing up today just to watch this game, although I may not get to watch it until tomorrow.

In much bigger news, for the low, low price of $1,350.00 you can go to Mike Leach-ASCO Fantasy Football Camp. The cost covers the following amenities:

Cost for the weekend camp is $1,350 and includes all meals, hotel accommodations for two nights and a Friday night social with Coach Leach. Campers also will receive a gift from Coach Leach and have the chance to win a road trip for two with the team to a Texas Tech road game during the upcoming season. A 50 percent down payment is required upon initial registration.

As tempting as that is, $1,350 is a good chunk of change for me, although a trip like this would be the best thing evuh.

Here are some things to watch for in this final spring practice:

  • The Trenches: Who gets the push here. Are Henley, Barbee and Stoffels able to get a push against Byrnes, Reed, Vasquez, Hamby and Winn? Will Williams, Ratliff, Riley and Jones get pressure on Harrell? Much of this season lies here between these two lines?
  • Stopping The Run: Are the linebackers effectively able to fill the gaps and stop the run? Also a big key to the success of this team in Big 12 play will be whether or not the linebacking crew can make plays. Of course, much of this depends on who Setencich decides should play, but I think there's a large contingent of fans who would love to see speedy linebackers take the field. Watch for Blake Collier, Marlon Williams and Ryan Hale.
  • Catching The Ball: I've touted Michael Crabtree all offseason and now fans get the opportunity to watch him play. I'm expecting a dominating year from Crabtree, but I think you'll also be pleasantly surprised by the play of Leong, Britton, Reese and Reed.
  • Safety Net: I'd love to see the safeties reduce the number of big plays they give up. The defensive backs need to make it a priority this year to not give up the homerun. Garcia and McBath have to do a better job of keeping the play in front of them. Safety Steven Harris has been making plays all spring and would be a good one to watch. I'd also be very interested in how JUCO, De'Shon Sanders, plays today and hope that he's making a quick adjustment to Big 12 play.
  • No Quarterback Controversy: I'd love to see Graham have his best day today. End the spring on a true high note. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I want Potts to play poorly, I'd love for both of them to play well, but I'd really like to see Graham show that he can be a dominant player.

If you've got your own items to watch, please leave in the comments.