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Friday Morning Football Notes

Texas Tech Football:

First things first, the annual Red-Black Scrimmage is tomorrow, at 1:00 p.m. at Jones AT&T. Go support the football team, this is the only football that you'll get until the fall.

The Daily Toreador had an article yesterday that I just completely missed. Adam Coleman has a piece on the young, but talented wide receivers. Wide receivers coach Lincoln Riley had this to say about some of the receivers:

"I think over at Z (position), Crabtree has done a good job," Riley said. "Lyle Leong is really starting to emerge over there, and then over at X (position) L.A. Reed has done a good job and Eddie Britton - they're neck and neck right now. They're pretty deep right now."

Offensive Coordinator, Dana Holgorsen has some interesting things about group, including that he thinks this is the most talented group:

"I think our talent level overall is better than experience," Holgorsen said. "We've had a lot of receivers roll through here in the last seven years, and talent-wise, these guys are probably better than in the past; there's just not experience there. We'll see how these guys get in game-time situations and prove they can do it. Talent really doesn't mean (anything) if they don't learn how to do things technique-wise."

There isn't a position on this team where I believe that technique and repetition are more important. The ability of these receivers to take what the defense gives them is vital, but maybe just as important will be this group's ability to force their will on opposing defenses with their overall speed and ability. That's what I think is the difference between previous years and this year.

Sunday Morning Quarterback has its very first installment of "Ask Mike Leach" with the first question being, "What's your favorite Simpsons episode, and what sort of play would you design to represent it?" Please go read SMQ, you'll thank me later.