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Thursday Morning Football Notes

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams has an entertaining article this morning on the nicknames of various players on the team. It's good to hear the interaction that Leach has with the players, but I particularly like this from Leach:

Inside receiver Eric Morris, another 5-8 guy, alternately gets called "E-Mo" and "Elf." He's "Elf'' as far as Leach is concerned.

"Besides the obvious size thing, he looks like an elf," Leach said. "I mean, just look at him. We ought to play him in a green jersey. He'd do it, too.

"They need to make a movie about him, kind of like 'Bad Santa,' except it's called 'Bad Elf,' because he's not a warm, cuddly, fuzzy-feeling elf. He's kind of evil and sinister."

Don also has a Red Raider Network that has a couple of quotes from Graham Harrell. He failed to give any comment last week, but he acknowledges that this is Leach's way of keeping things interesting:

"It doesn't bother me," Harrell said. "That's just the way he is. He likes to stir things up a little bit and get the competition going. That's all it was - trying to get a little competition going out here." Potts said Saturday that he was excited to hear the coach say he had a chance to start. But he also seemed to be not reading too much into it. "I think the media likes those stories more than any of us players concern ourselves with it," Harrell said.

I want to implore each and every one of you who have the option of going to the Spring Game this weekend to go. My cousin is getting married, and if it were not for that I'd be making the drive to Lubbock. Go and enjoy yourselves I'm sure it will be a good time and there's no snow in the forecast.

Tim Griffin of SEN and special contributor to ESPN has a ton of notes on every Big 12 team. Also on ESPN is an interesting article by ESPN The Magazine writer, Bruce Feldman, that focuses on Missouri quarterback, Chase Daniel. My favorite part of the article was an exchange between Daniel and LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux:

Later that summer, while attending the Elite 11 QB camp in California, Daniel met Perrilloux. They didn't exactly hit it off.

"I was so tired of hearing him run his mouth," Daniel says. "He was like, 'I'm the best at everything,' so I challenged him."

"Let's run a 40-[yard dash]," Daniel said to Perrilloux in front of all the other campers. "Back up your talk."

They raced and Daniel said he beat Perrilloux by two yards. The Louisiana QB said he slipped and asked for a rematch after he put his cleats on.

"Next time I beat him by a yard," Daniel said with a smile.