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2008 Basketball Preview: Alan Voskuil

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Prior Evaluations:

Alan Voskuil

  • Number: 20
  • Position: Guard
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 175
  • Year for 2008: Junior
Min. Pts. Reb. Ast. TO Stl. Blk. FG% 3FG% FT%
14.7 4.0 1.5 0.8 0.4 0.6 0.0 .473 .358 .889

The Evaluation

  • Offense: For me personally, it was incredibly frustrating for me to watch Voskuil all year. He's the type of player who I believe has the ability to be a consistent scorer, but seemed to defer to other players (namely Jackson and Zeno) when he was open. Looking closely at Alan's stats, it's obvious to me that he's a tremendous shooter, shooting 47.3% from the field. It is somewhat shocking that he was only able to manage 35.8% from beyond the arc, but it's acceptable. Perhaps the most telling statistic, is this: of the players who received most of the minutes, Voskuil was only be hind Zeno in points per shot. Let that sink in for a second. That means that he is an effective scorer and doesn't need a ton of shots to contribute. Here are the point per shot leaders from last year:
    1. Zeno: 1.50
    2. Voskuil: 1.42
    3. Plefka: 1.34
    4. Jackson: 1.31
    5. Burgess: 1.26
    6. White: 1.25

    So now we've got two ingredients to what makes an good player, in my estimation, the ability to make shots and an efficient player. Now we just need for Voskuil to do these things more often.

    Although the statistics don't show it, Voskuil has the ability to pass the ball, but I wouldn't call him a point guard or a play maker by any means. He takes decent care of the ball, but the Red Raiders for the most part were not terribly effective at passing the ball.

    Alan also showed an uncanny ability to drive and finish, which at times during the year shocked me and proved to be effective around the basket.

  • Defense: As an on-the-ball defender I thought Voskuil was pretty good, or at least better than expected. From a team concept I thought he played the lane well, however, I cannot recall one charge that he took all year, which at the very least is a sign of good help defense.

    Voskuil averaged almost a steal a game which is another good indicator of his ability to play man defense. For his minutes and his size I I don't think he was a bad rebounder and Voskuil isn't really expected to do that.

  • 2008 Expectations: Be more aggressive. I cannot stress that he become a leader on the floor by taking big shots. Someone has got to replace Jackson as the shooting guard and as of right now, the line starts behind Voskuil or White. Much of this decision will depend upon who improves move over the offseason, but Alan's got an incredible opportunity to be something special here. My list of what Alan needs to improve upon on the offseason is simple:
    • Be more assertive, and
    • Hone his ability to drive to the basket.

    My 2008 expectations is that he starts as the shooting guard for Texas Tech. I think Alan is capable of averaging 18 minutes and 9 points a game. He's got the talent, now it's just a matter of him doing something with it.