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Tuesday Morning Basketball Notes

Texas Tech Basketball:

BON has it first, KD is leaving for the NBA and Rock Chalk Talk says that Julian Wright is also leaving for greener pastures, although RCT thinks he should come back.

Jay Jackson is participating in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. DraftExpress is covering the tournament and has this to say about Jackson (which by the way I think is spot-on):

To Jackson's credit, he really played within himself and didn't force the issue when the lanes weren't open for him to drive or pass, but it still would've been nice to see him play more assertively and fully show off his scoring abilities. He made a few nice passes on the game, making a few drive-and-dishes that weren't converted, a nice pass to a cutter off a pick-and-roll, and a nice kickout for a three-pointer in transition. Jackson definitely projects as an undersized shooting guard at the next level based on what he's shown in college and here, so he has a bit of an uphill battle to climb, especially since he isn't extremely overwhelming athletically. He should have a good chance of getting into the Orlando pre-draft camp and getting invites to training camps, but he doesn't have much chance of getting drafted unless he really wows with his ability to score against the better competition in this draft class at Orlando.

I do want to get one thing off my chest about the coaching changes. Why is it that people are acting like this is the first time a coach has moved on to what they believe to be a better job? Doesn't this happen every year? Seriously, Coach Fran did it to Alabama and now Coach Gillispie did it to the Aggies. Turgeon will be doing it to Wichita State. Can't we all just accept that if we could double our salary, loyalty be damned, I'd take the new job and figure out later if I made a mistake? I know that it's happening at different schools which makes for easy stories for reporters, but this is not the first time coaches have changed schools. Also, I should clarify that I would have cried for an entire week had Coach Leach left for Miami and I would have been disappointed that he would have left, but I wouldn't have blamed him, not one bit. It would have sucked beyond belief, but it's life.