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Wednesday Morning Notes

For those of you who have never posted a comment, now is the time to start. I have full confidence that Tech is headed to the NCAA tournament and with my real job getting in the way of sports, someone's got to help me man the ship. Signing up is easy and we don't use your email or information for anything. The great thing about how the SB Nation network works is that by signing up you'll then be able to see which comments are new and you won't have to hassle with continually checking to see if someone else has left a comment.

I've also posted a quick new poll (I've got to do a better job of changing those out), how far do you think Texas Tech will get in the Big 12 Tournament.

An AP article written by Chris Talbott focuses on NCAA athletes who have children. One of the players featured is Tech linebacker Paul Williams. I can't imagine having kids and I'm 33 and have a job.

Texas Tech Basketball:

FWST's John Miller has a solid article on Jay Jackson discussing all of his career accomplishments.

The San Antonio Express News provides their All Big 12 Teams.

Card Chronicle is breaking down all of the conference tournaments. Check out the their work later in the day for the latest on the conference tournaments (hat tip to BON for pointing this out in my morning coffee):

Texas Tech Baseball:

Texas Tech won the first game of a two game mid-week series against UNLV, 7-6. Catcher, Matt Smith led the way going 1-3 with 3 RBI and Pitcher Trey Schur pitched 4 innings of two hit ball, striking out 4 and walking 3. Collin Auten picked up the save. LAJ's George Watson has the game story.

In two separate but equally interesting non-Tech related notes here is a gallery of old ABA uniforms. I love uniforms and I love logos, so sit back and take a gander of some old unis (hat tip to Kottke).

Second item, Henry Abbott of TrueHoop fame posted a very long but very interesting story about a non-profit, Peace Players International, where players use basketball as a means to mend communities. If this is something that piques your interest, it's worth a read.