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Tuesday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Football:

One of my favorite things to read is the Lone Star Ball community projections. Since the diaries have been fairly stagnant, I thought I would jump-start things a bit. Here's how it works, I'll give you a player and then you project what his stats will be. I've started things off with the quarterback position and Graham Harrell.

Olin Buchanan of provides his Big 12 Spring Capsules. There's nothing new as far as Tech news is concerned, except that he believes that LB Paul Williams may be the focus point of the defense, which is great, so long as it isn't Kellen Tillman.

Former Miami Dolphin, Wes Welker has been traded to the New England Patriots for a 2nd round and 7th round pick. Not bad for a guy who almost didn't get a scholarship. Check out Miami Dolphins blog The Phinsider and the New England Patriots blog, Pats Pulpit for all of your Wes Welker news.

Texas Tech Basketball:

SEN's Stephen Fontenot believes that Tech needs a win to be in the tournament and breaks down the potential 65 participants.

FWST's Mike Jones provides his all-conference picks and thinks that Jackson was a 2nd team All-Big 12 player. I love Augustin, but I would think that Jackson has had a better season and meant more to his team than Augustin, no offense to D.J.

The perspective from the Denver Post.

I'll be posting the Colorado game preview during my lunch hour.

Texas Tech Baseball:

The Texas Tech website provides every conceivable detail for the upcoming series with UNLV. Not to mention you can print off your very own program (just print the first couple of pages, it's 27 pages long).

Starting Pitchers:

  • Tuesday: Trey Schurr v. Ryan Tabor
  • Wednesday: TBA v. Kevin Skogley

Also check out the Big 12 Baseball Week In Review by Cornnation.