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Saturday Morning Notes

You want to know what's awesome? Laptops. Laptops that are brought along during a wedding weekend to allow a fellow to blog about his favorite school. The bad thing about a wedding this weekend is that I will completely miss the final four tonight. Wedding is at 6:00 p.m. with reception to follow. The other bad thing is that I'm in Waco, however, I have made a super-secret trip to the Alico Building and brainwashed all of the Bearmeat interns.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams has a very interesting bit about utilizinng sophomore Brandon Williams as a the strong-side end and as the rush end. Williams points to last year when Tech used Nitschmann in the same manner.

For next season, Sadler is giving sophomore Brandon Williams a chance to fill the same kind of role. During spring practice, the Red Raiders are using Jake Ratliff and Phillip Jones exclusively at strong end, Sandy Riley and Tyler Yenzer at rush end, and Williams at both.

If nothing else, I like the fact that there's a definite rotation at the ends as I have always felt that rotations are more effective as the game progresses. Defensive ends coach Charlie Sadler has this on Williams:

"Honestly, I would like for him to be further along than he is right now with the amount of (snaps) that he got," Sadler said. "One thing that we'll have to make a decision on with him - besides what's the best position for him - is is he capable of being very efficient playing strong end on one play and rush end the next? If he has trouble adapting, we'll have to put him at one position and leave him there."

The thing that I find the most interesting is Riley's assent to the rush end position. He's awfully small for a rush end, in terms of his height and he must have some incredible rush skills. Of course he's the same height as Dawson, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.

Don and Jeff Walker Huddle Up with wide receiver Lyle Leong. The position breakdown is kickoff returner, where Don breaks down the position, but notes that it is an area of improvement as Tech as 118th in the country last season. I've always thought that kickoff returners need to have some size on them and despite the fafct that Morris may be sure-handed, he does not need to be returning kickoffs. Special teams coach Ruffin McNeil:

"I liked L.A. out of high school. We didn't use him last year, but we will this year. Shannon was the all-purpose yardage leader in the league, so we've got to get him extra touches, and that provides it. Jamar was a great running back in high school. So was LaRon Moore, and so was Edward Britton. All those guys are downhill runners. They're not really juke-type runners. We want north-south guys, not east-west guys."

Don also has his Texas Tech Football Notebook with a few notes to check out, but most importantly is that the Red Raiders will host their first scrimmage today at 1:30 p.m. Once again, if DTN has any readers who will be going, I and my fellow readers would appreciate a diary and would be more than happy to promote it to the front page.

NCAA Tournament:

Make sure and check out these websites with teams participating in the Final Four, but I'll steer you to Swamp Ball if you're looking for an open thread with lots of action:

Texas Tech Baseball:

Last night's baseball game was suspended due to lightning with a double-header today to make up the game. The first game will start at 2:00 p.m. with the 2nd game to begin 30 minutes afterwards.