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Friday Morning Notes

Programming Note: I too will also be out of town starting tonight and until Sunday. I'm bringing the laptop with me to blog on the road, however, should motel not have internet access then you get nothing.

NCAA Tournament:

No football news today. Forgive me.

NCAA Tournament:

DTN previewed the Final Four.

Coach Knight was honored on Thursday with the Naismith Award.

The award was created in 1982 and pays tribute to the individuals who have made a significant impact on women's and men's college basketball.

Texas Tech Baseball:

LAJ's George Watson has a nice article on sophomore James Leverton. Coach Larry Hayes has this on Leverton:

"We keep saying it's all a maturing process - a development game - and hopefully that's what we're seeing," Tech head coach Larry Hays said. "We're seeing him mature as a player at first base, definitely, and he's starting to show some maturity again offensively. The things he does to keep people loose hides the fact that on the field he is a really serious player from the standpoint of in the game he looks for what needs to be done."

George also previews today's game.

Non Texas Tech News:

I love sports, I love sports history and I love logos, so although this is completely off topic, I'd like to encourage you to go visit, this post from UniWatch about the Black Fives, which is a group of all black basketball teams between 1900 and 1940. I had no idea that this group of men even existed and I won't try and re-write what's already been done at UniWatch, but if this is something you're interested in, then go check it out. In fact, just add UniWatch to you news reader and you can read it every day.

For those of you not into history, check out this YouTube video of a guy skiing down the longest escalator in Europe, located in London.