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Wednesday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Football:

The DT is at it again, with an article by Adam Coleman focusing on the Tech secondary. Safeties' coach Carlos Mainord had this to say about the group as a whole:

"I think we need to make more plays than what we made before," Mainord said. "If we can get more interceptions, more fumbles and things like that, we'll make more big plays than we did last year."

I couldn't agree more, I'd love to see this group make a few more plays, but much of this depends on the defensive line's ability to put pressure on the quarterback. It's a symbiotic relationship between those two groups. Nevertheless, read the article, it's worth your time.

DMN's Tim MacMahon checks in on the status of the punter tryouts.

NCAA Tournament:

Expect previews on Thursday night. The Misses is going out of town for a wedding on Thursday night which means I get to spend the night on the computer without complaint.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Tech takes the single game against New Mexico and relief pitchers led the way. The Red Raiders got solid relief-like outings from Josh Scofield, Paul Gonzalez and Chris Ortmeier. Roger Kieschnick, Matt Smith and Chris Hall each had two RBI. LAJ's George Watson has more on the route:

"We're battling and we're being competitive, and we came out (Tuesday) against a decent ballclub and got some decent pitching. We're searching, and we've been searching here ever since the season started, and some guys pitched well who can help us now on the weekends."