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Monday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Football:

There is no news on spring practice this morning as the Red Raiders had the day off. I would suggest that you check out both the Saturday Morning Notes and Sunday Morning Notes from this weekend.

I've started the secondary review and preview and should have that done this week. NCAA Tournament got in the way of football. I'm sorry.

The next practice is today at 3:15.

NCAA Tournament:

I am so stinking impressed with Georgetown. The Hoyas absolutely dominated North Carolina and I think it did come down to the defensive pressure that Georgetown was able to put on N.C. Hansbrough and Wright were not factors in OT and Hansbrough took a couple of ill-advised shots. I was also impressed with Georgetown's guards, Sapp and Wallace were impressive as well. Georgetown shot 57% from the field for the game.

Florida just would not be denied. Humphrey was impressive, but I always worry about teams that take what looks like to me contested 3-point shots. At some point you're going to miss those shots and you'd have to look for offense elsewhere. Luckily for Florida they can certainly do that. When Green and Humphrey are hitting on all cylinders they can turn to Noah, Brewer, and Horford.

Texas Tech Baseball:

The Red Raiders spit the bit on Sunday as they lost to the Baylor Bears and lost the weekend series, 14-4. Starting pitcher Aaron Odom was horrendous, pitching only 3.1 innings, giving up 9 hits, 8 runs, 6 earned. LAJ's George Watson has the game covered. Tech has to find a a pitcher or two for the weekend series that is reliable and has the ability to contribute, otherwise it's going to be a long season.