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Saturday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Football:

So many wonderful football notes this morning. LAJ's Don Williams has a number of articles for your viewing pleasure. First, Don Huddles Up With Kelly Hildebrandt, inside receiver. There are also some quick hits in this article, most notably for me is the fact that Darcel McBath struggled on Friday. The last impression I have, although it may be completely unfair, was McBath getting beat for at least two touchdowns against Minnesota early. I know, it's not always he safety's fault, there was no pass rush either, but I think McBath needs to step up his play this year.

LAJ's Jeff Walker has an article on place-kicker Alex Trlica. Kicker is always one of those positions you don't appreciate how good you have it until the kicker is gone. Trlica is very good, it's after he leaves that I'm worried about.

Don has a football notebook and his first small feature is on defensive tackle Ra'Jon Henley, who has beefed up to 275. I was a little worried about Henley as his listed weight on the spring roster was 258, which seemed awfully small for a defensive tackle. As I mentioned to Red Blooded yesterday, Tech is still looking for Tech punters as Don has this from practice:

"We've got a guy we feel real good about coming in that we scholarshipped,'' Tech coach Mike Leach said, referring to LaCour. "We also need somebody to work on our drills during spring. You always want to have a couple.''

Leach is soliciting Tech students who have punting backgrounds to try out.

During Friday's practice, middle linebacker Victor Hunter, outside linebacker Blake Collier and a couple of guys without jerseys took turns punting.

None of their efforts went more than 35 yards - most were considerably shorter - though they were punting into a 15-mph southeast wind.

Some good insight on Grant Walker and Danny Amendola being the two main players at the inside Y receiver position.

Rejoice HubCityRader. Not that you were ever cheering for an injury, but Don reports that starting linebacker Chad Hill is out with a undisclosed injury and Marlon Williams is working with the first team.

As always, go check out the articles. They are well worth your time.

NCAA Tournament:

Georgetown got lucky. Green travels on the last made shot of the game and Vanderbilt cannot get off a similar good look. Despite my pick of Georgetown at the beginning of the tournament, I'm beginning to think that they are getting a little lucky, but they are simply wearing down their opponents. The Trojans just could not outlast the Tar Heels. I am still impressed with USC's athleticism, especially considering they were just a mediocre team last year with essentially the same group of returning players. Check out Conquest Chronicles and Carolina March. Lots of folks are overlooking the Ducks, but they just handled a very good UNLV team. Check out Addicted to Quack. Florida took care of business against a very pesky Butler team. Check out Swamp Ball.

Late last night I posted today's previews below.

Texas Tech Baseball:

The Red Raiders lose the first game of a three game series with Baylor, 5-1. The offense only mustered 5 hits and starting pitcher Coly Hynes only managed 3.1 innings while giving up 4 earned runs. LAJ's George Watson has more on the game.