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Friday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Football:

Want to waste your entire morning? Go check out the Texas Tech Football Spring Prospectus. I'm going to print it off and sleep with it tonight.

HOLY CRAP! I share the same birthday as Coach Leach, March 9th (see page 22 of said Prospectus). That makes us brothers or star-crossed lovers or something right?

The Daily Toreador's Adam Coleman, who notes that the Red Raiders need to find a punter. In fact, they're auditioning today. Red Blooded, if you've got any eligibility left, I say go for it:

Anyone wanting to tryout for the team can start today by calling the Texas Tech Athletic Department and ask for Tech graduate assistant Clay McGuire. Tryouts could be held as early as today at the team's practice facility for a chance to be on the roster by Monday.

NCAA Tournament:

What an amazing group of games. In a frantic last few minutes, the Aggies lost to Memphis. I am totally amazed by Memphis' ability to score on the Aggie defense. The 12th Man Child is struggling. Kansas squeaked by a very tough Southern Illinois team. Rush led the way for the Jayhawks. Rock Chalk Talk is excited. Aaron Afflalo led the way for the UCLA Bruins and somewhat easily, took care of Pittsburgh. Bruins Nation is busy but they're still on top of it. Despite a wonderful night from Lofton, the Buckeyes prove they've got a little more than Greg Oden as he was a non-factor most of the game. Around the Oval has post game thoughts as well as Rocky Top Talk.

I've posted tonight's previews below.

Texas Tech Baseball:

LAJ's George Watson previews the Baylor series and has a nice article on Doug Thennis

Non Texas Tech News:

Anyone else think it's triple weird that University of Kentucky coach Tubby Smith is going to Minnesota?