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Elite 8 Preview: Saturday's Games

Two one versus two match-ups. There's no doubt that these have been the best teams of their respective regions.

No. 2 UCLA v. No. 1 Kansas

Game Time: 6:05 p.m. CST

UCLA Players to Watch:

  • Arron Afflalo, G, 6-5, Jr., 16.7 Pts., 2.6 Reb., 2.0 Ast.
  • Josh Shipp, F, 6-5, So., 13.2 Pts., 3.8 Reb., 2.5 Ast.
  • Darren Collison, G, 6-1, So., 12.8 Pts., 2.4 Reb., 5.9 Ast.

Kansas Players to Watch:

  • Brandon Rush, G, 6-6, So., 13.8 Pts., 5.6 Reb., 1.9 Ast.
  • Mario Chalmers, G, 6-1, So, 12.6 Pts., 3.1 Reb., 3.2 Ast.
  • Julian Wright, F, 6-8, 12.3 Pts., 8.0 Reb., 2.1 Ast.

These are two incredibly talented defensive teams, but I think that Kansas is more talente,d at least from the offensive end. There's just too much depth on that Kansas team not to like them. I understand that UCLA has been incredible defensively through most of the tournament, but the Jayhawks have seen tough defenses before and I think they'll be able to adjust. I look for Wright to show the world how good he is. My final two teams were Kansas and Georgetown and there's no reason to waiver from those picks now. Check out Rock Chalk Talk. Check out Bruins Nation. DTN Pick: Kansas.

No. 2 Memphis v. No. 1 Ohio St.

Game Time: 3:40 p.m. CST

Memphis Players to Watch:

  • Chris Douglas-Roberts, G, 6-6, So., 15.4 Pts., 3.4 Reb., 1.8 Ast.
  • Jeremy Hunt, G, 6-5, Sr., 13.6 Pts., 2.9 Reb., 1.4 Ast.
  • Robert Dozier, F, 6-9, So., 9.8 Pts., 6.1 Reb., 1.1 Ast.

Ohio State Players to Watch:

  • Greg Oden, C, 7-0, Fr., 15.6 Pts., 9.8 Reb., 0.7 Ast.
  • Ron Lewis, G, 6-4, Sr., 12.2 Pts., 3.5 Reb., 1.3 Ast.
  • Mike Conley, Jr., G, 6-1, Fr., 10.6 Pts., 3.3 Reb., 6.2 Ast.

I really underestimated Memphis' athletes. I thought that they were athletic but wouldn't be able to hang with the more polished teams. I was very wrong. I think Ohio State's been lucky for the past two games and although there's some amount of skill involved too (i.e. they have very talented players) I think Memphis shocks the world and pulls the upset. Calipari has got this team thinking that everyone is doubting their ability. Not me, not anymore. Check out Around the Oval. DTN Pick: Memphis.