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Wednesday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams reports that Mike Leach is excited about the chance to work with this new group of players. Leach notes that Ofa Mohetau is no longer with the team and Leach stated that, "He'is not in the program right now." Not going to focus on the negative. I'm just excited to hear from Coach Leach after a long break:

"I think last year we had too many guys who thought they were established,'' Leach said. "Too many guys spent more time thinking about themselves than the team. I'd like to think that what I see in this group is a little better start avoiding some of those pitfalls.''

Much to HubCityRader's chagrin, Williams predicts Hill to be a starter at the linebacker position (sad piano music?) and he's predicting that Crabtree will be behind Britton. Dear Lord, please do not let this happen.

Hat-tip to DTN reader Jerry227, you can watch the Insight Bowl on an imbedded media player on the NFL Network.

Special contributor to ESPN, who can usually be found on SEN, Tim Griffin looks around the Big 12. There is a Texas Tech section, but I don't think that most of this news is new to regular readers. For those of you who are football hungry, dive in.

Proprietor of Dawg Sports, Kyle, proposes a new Lone Star Conference and takes on additional conference re-alignment issues as well. Although I know that this would never come true, but if it did, I would petition the governor to pass a law (yes, I know it would be unconstitutional, but I'm trying to be witty) whereby no Texas high school athlete could go to an out of state school, unless all Texas Division I schools have passed on said high school athlete. This would even out the very sorry teams in Kyle's fantasy realignment and I believe that eventually all 10 schools would surely dominate on the national level.

The Daily Toreador has a preview of spring practice, but it's really just a list of returning players. Meh.

Check out the linebacker preview. As I said in the preview, I had quite a bit of trouble getting some of these guys in the right position. Please send all complaints to my wife as she would not let me concentrate all weekend (and I don't mean that in a good way).

NCAA Tournament:

I hate to oversell, but I think tomorrow night I'll find the time to do some decent previews of the upcoming NCAA Tournament games.

Non Texas Tech News:

Anyone else think it's a little weird that former Colorado head coach Ricardo Patton has already accepted a job as the new coach of Northern Illinois?