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Monday Morning Notes

Some housecleaning items to note. First, I finally updated the baseball standings and moved them up on the left-hand side sidebar. Second, I'll leave up the basketball schedule for the time being, but expect that to be removed within the next week. Finally, if anyone has any opinions on the scrolling marquee at the top of the page, let me know.

Texas Tech Football:

Don't forget that the Red Raiders starts spring practice this week, Wednesday, March 21st. If anyone is going to spring practice, start a diary and report on what you see. I know that you'd be doing DTN and Red Raider fans everywhere a great service if we had updates from spring practice.

Something else that I forgot to mention was that Jones Stadium is getting a makeover, which include 30,000 additional seats over the next 20 years. I always thought that Jones stadium seemed somewhat "small" in comparison to the other Big 12 stadiums and expansion is a good thing here.

I've also posted my thoughts on the defensive line, it will be very interesting to see how this position and the linebacker position plays out throughout the spring.

NCAA Tournament:

I had a a few thoughts on some of the games from yesterday:

  • The folks over at BON are incredibly frustrated at Sunday's performance and they disagree with those who think Coach Rick Barnes is not capable of a championship and are pleading with K.D. to stay. Personally, I think this is an interesting question in human nature, what is K.D. going to do? I think he'll go, he's be silly to stay.
  • UNLV is a good team and most Red Raiders know this. The Rebels have decent to good guards who can shoot the heck out of the ball and talented and athletic big men. Don't think that Oregon is going to win this game.
  • The Kansas/Kentucky game wasn't even close. Julian Wright is talented and can change a game with his spectacular play.
  • Virginia and Tennessee looked to be an entertaining game. Reynolds and Singletary were good, but Tennessee got more from it's ancillary players.