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Sunday Morning Notes

Fallen Tree Update: Amazing. My boss and a friend of his brought over a tractor with a front-end loader, as well as a flat-bed trailer. Picked up said tree trunk and removed from my yard. Huge success. I've won on two fronts here. First, I didn't have to pay a tree person a ton of money and second, my wife no longer hates me (the tree sat in the backyard for at least 1 month). Good times.

NCAA Tournament:

Joe Rexrode, a special writer to Yahoo! Sports wrote an article about Coach Knight and his subdued nature during the Boston College game. At points during the article Rexrode describes actions by Knight as "feeble", "subdued", and "weary". That's the double edged sword, if Knight isn't screaming profanity laced criticisms are players then he's not coaching? Rexrode does state the obvious, that this Tech team defense is horrible, part of that is the utter lack of decent athletes, and yes you can only blame that on Knight and his staff. Rexrode also has the quote where Knight was asked if he was moving on and then comments on the kids coming in next year. Personally, I'd be excited as hell about the kids coming in, they are actually excellent athletes. How about two incredible stupid quotes from Rexrode:

But you have to wonder if it's getting to be that time. Texas Tech is losing Jarrius Jackson - a real talent who scored just 10 points Thursday in his final game - and two other seniors in the playing rotation.

Really? I think Knight was so frustrated with Jackson's inability to lead and improve defensively that he had told himself that he's essentially knows that he could not have taken this team much further. I don't think there is anything wrong with not fool-heartedly thinking that your team is now capable of the impossible, of being something it is not.

Knight is bringing in six guys next season, five from Texas, all ranked between No. 5 and No. 21 in the state. That's a real nice haul ... in football.

Texas doesn't have talented basketball players? That's news to me. Someone tell that to Coach Gillespie as Jones, Law, Kirk and Sloan (off the top of my head) are all Texas players. Also, someone tell Darrell Arthur that he's not supposed to be good. And before I forget, Chris Bosh is not an All-Star and T.J. Ford is not averaging 14 points a game.

Friggin stupid.

SEN's Tim Griffin reports that Coach Knight was reprimanded for comments made after the game against OSU on February 10, 2007. That seems like an awfully long time to go back and reprimand a coach, but I think Coach Knight could probably care less at this point.

Sunday NCAA Tournament games of interest:

  • USC v. Texas: Should be an entertaining game. I think both teams are incredibly athletic, but USC is a little more explosive. Of course they don't have an uber-athlete either, but they are balanced and they can shoot. I like Texas in this one. For all of your Texas information, go to Burnt Orange Nation and USC news, Conquest Chronicles.
  • Tennessee v. Virginia: Think this will be a high scoring affair? Call me crazy, but I think I like Virginia's guards a little better. Singletary and Reynolds had incredibly efficient games against Albany. Of course, Tennessee was great too, but for some reason I like the Cavaliers here. Check out Rocky Top Talk to find out whether Bruce Pearl is going to be shirtless.
  • UNLV v. Wisconsin: Wisconsin struggled against Texas A&M C.C. because they were an incredibly gifted scoring team. Well, UNLV is also incredibly gifted when it comes to scoring and they are also a team that doesn't turn the ball over, much like Wisconsin. I think the Badgers are going to struggle without Butch, give me the Runnin' Rebels.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Texas Tech takes the series with a 9-8 win over #16 Nebraska as center fielder Doug Thennis hits a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth for the win. (Check out Tech's green hats for St. Patrick's day.) Pitcher Colt Hynes pitched 8 innings while giving up 8 runs, but only 5 earned. The Red Raiders were plagued with 3 errors on the day. Other heroes for the day were first baseman James Leverton with 2 hits and 3 RBI while the heart of the order went 11-26). LAJ's George Watson continues to do an incredible job covering the baseball team, please go check out his work, it's really well done and if he keeps this job, he's going to find a job in a bigger market, here's his game review.

The Red Raiders won't play again until they travel to Waco to face the Baylor Bears on Friday, first pitch is scheduled for 6:30 p.m.