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Guest Blogger: Eagle In Atlanta

Guest blogger Eagle In Atlanta, a Boston College sports blog, and yours truly here at DTN agreed to trade questions and answers. Here's the link to Eagle In Atlanta's questions and my answers. Thanks to Eagle In Atlanta for helping us learn a little more about Boston College and good luck on Thursday.

1. Losing Sean Williams truly affected the Eagles has BC ever recovered?
I think Williams impact and departure is somewhat misunderstood by people inside and outside of BC. Our schedule was backloaded. The day before Williams got the boot I predicted we would finish the ACC schedule 6-5. We finished 5-6 without Williams. I think Williams loss is more important now during the tourney. The team is tired and the bench is thin. Plus Williams, while not the most consistent, could be a game changer on any given night. So over the course of 11 games he might only be the difference once. Not a big deal in the regular season. A huge difference in a single elimination tourney.
2. Much has been made about BC's ability to score, how good is the defense?
The defense is not very good. We are not particularly athletic. Our scheme, which is man to man with lots of switches, often leaves people wide open or opens up easy shots close to the basket. We don't create many turnovers. We block a fair amount of shots and rebound well. So ultimately BC hopes the other team has a cold night. It can be very frustrating to watch, but the results, over time have been solid.
3. Jared Dudley and Tyrese Rice have been the main reasons for the Eagles success this year, should the Red Raiders stop Dudley and Rice will the Eagles will be cooked (pun intended)?
Rice and Dudley are the two guys who can take over the game. If both have a rough day, Texas Tech will probably win. The only other guy who has potential to take over a game is Sean Marshall, but he is not nearly as consistent as the other two.
4. Will BC have any problems coping with Knight's motion offense and Texas Tech's big men who can shoot from the outside?
I don't think the motion will be a problem. BC's seen variations of it against Duke and to a lesser extent Miami and Georgia Tech. The big men shooting from outside is a double edge sword: it helps BC's defensive rebounding but if the Texas Tech gets hot from outside it could put BC in a hole.
5. Who would be the most likely Eagle to take a last second shot in a close game?
The play will get drawn up for Dudley or Rice, but that doesn't mean much. Tyrelle Blair and Sean Marshall both took and made game winners this season. With Al Skinner, you never know.