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Sunday Morning Notes

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Big 12 Tournament:

The more that I read over the internet, the more I get the feeling that Tech will make the tournament (see generally DMN, ESPN, Sportsline, and Sports Illustrated). My anger and disappointment has subsided and I'm back believing that Tech is in without a doubt. I'll be posting an open thread today for the Selection show, so if anyone wants to join in tonight please do so. We'll be able to talk about the matchups as they happen.

Rock Chalk Talk predicts the field of 65 and previews today's game against Texas.

Burnt Orange Nation also previews today's championship game against Texas.

FWST Big 12 Notebook.

Texas Tech Basketball:

FWST's Wendell Barnhouse predicts the field of 65 and has Tech as an 11 seed, playing Tennessee.

LAJ's Jeff Walker writes about Tech's resume and the selection process.

The Texas state championship was held last night and Duncanville was victorious. Texas Tech had two signees playing in this game, Duncanville's D'Walyn Roberts and Kingwood's Mike Singletary. Roberts finished the game with 12 points and 7 rebounds and Singletary had 15. Has Tech ever had two kids playing in the Texas 5A state championship? I'm excited about both of these kids. Singletary seems to be more "Big 12 ready" because he's got some size to go with his 6-5 frame, while Roberts is immensely talented, but skinny with very long arms, rebounds, blocks shots and has a decent perimeter game. The DMN has their game article and the Chron has their game article.

Here's the Chron's video report of the game

Texas Tech Baseball:

Texas Tech lost 5-1 to the Rice Owls, in the second game of the Whataburger College Classic. Rice's Ryan Berry pitched 7 innings, striking out 11 (wow!). Tech only managed 5 hits all night and 3 of those hits came from third baseman, Chris Hall. The LAJ has their game article..

Up next for the Red Raiders, the TCU Horn Frogs at 12:00 p.m.