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Big 12 Tournament Preview: Saturday Games

Game 5: No. 1 Kansas v. No. 4 Kansas State

Game Time: 1:00 p.m.

Team Pts. Reb. FG% 3P% KP Rank Off. Eff. Def. Eff.
Kansas 79.0 40.6 .494 .387 2 15 1
Kansas State 71.5 36.2 .429 .332 51 70 37

Kansas Players to Watch:

  • Brandon Rush, G, 6-6, So., 13.7 Pts., 5.7 Reb., 1.8 Ast.
  • Mario Chalmers, G, 6-1, So., 12.1 Pts., 3.3 Reb., 3.2 Ast.
  • Julian Wright, F, 6-8, So., 12.0 Pts., 8.1 Reb., 2.3 Ast.

Kansas State Players to Watch:

  • Cartier Martin, F, 6-7, Sr., 16.9 Pts., 4.4 Reb., 1.3 Ast.
  • David Hoskins, F, 6-5, Jr., 14.5 Pts., 6.0 Reb., 2.6 Ast.
  • Lance Harris, G, 6-5 Sr., 10.8 Pts, 3.4 Reb., 2.0 Ast.

It's really hard to pick against the Jayhawks. They are the deepest team in the league and they have the bodies up front to deal with K-State. It's also very easy to pick against Kansas because they always seem to fold this time of year (or at least that's the common perception), but what seems different to me is the fact that Kansas plays tough defense. Your offense can fail you, but your defense typically doesn't, so long as you are getting effort from your players. I love Julian Wright for Kansas (he reminds me of Walt Williams of Maryland fame) and Collins is a terrific freshman. I just think that Kansas has too much for the Wildcats, I'll take the Jayhawks 74-70.

Game 10: No. 3 Texas v. No. 7 Oklahoma State

Game Time: 3:20 p.m.

ESPN2 and ESPN Plus
Team Pts. Reb. FG% 3P% KP Rank Off. Eff. Def. Eff.
Texas 82.9 40.1 .454 .404 15 2 58
Oklahoma State 77.1 35.9 .473 .356 68 77 63

Texas Players to Watch:

  • Kevin Durant, G-F, 6-9, Fr., 25.1 Pts., 11.4 Reb., 1.4 Ast.
  • A.J. Abrams, G, 5-10, So., 15.1 Pts., 2.4 Reb., 1.6 Ast.
  • D.J. Augustin, G, 5-11, Fr., 15.0 Pts., 2.8 Reb., 6.8 Ast.

Oklahoma State Players to Watch:

  • Mario Boggan, F-C, 6-7, Sr., 20.1 Pts., 7.9 Reb., 1.4 Ast.
  • JamesOn Curry, G, 6-3, Jr., 18.2 Pts., 3.2 Reb., 3.8 Ast.
  • Terrel Harris, G, 6-5, So., 10.6 Pts., 4.3 Reb., 2.0 Ast.

Despite the gut-check that Texas had to go through to beat Baylor, I can't imagine that OSU has the energy left to compete with Texas. This will be the Cowboys third game in as many days. Neither team is particularly deep, but at least Texas has played one less game. I like Durant's ability to show the world that he's the best player in college basketball, despite the fact that Dove gave Durant fits in their first match-up. Durant is just too talented. Texas will have problems with Boggan inside, but James has progressed all year into a very solid inside player. I'll take the Longhorns in a low scoring affair, 56-48.