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Thursday Morning Notes

I've got a ton of catching up to do on all of the three major sports. I'm trying not to dwell on the basketball game Tuesday night despite the fact that it still stings.

Texas Tech Football:

DMN's Tim MacMahon gives us his Recruiting Report. Tim also has a detailed article, along with numerous quotes from new offensive line coach, Jack Bicknell, Jr., on this year's offensive linemen. This is an encouraging note:

"Our offense lends itself to being able to come in and pick it up quickly and being able to play earlier if you have the size and the feet and the length and the wingspan to play."

Bicknell, hired less than a month ago after spending the last eight seasons as Louisiana Tech's head coach, helped persuade three offensive linemen to de-commit from other Big 12 programs.

Vidor's Jerrod Gooch (6-4, 290), whose brother, Jason, played for Bicknell at Louisiana Tech, originally committed to Texas. Houston Westbury's Mickey Okafor (6-6, 305) had committed to Oklahoma State. And Edwards was a Baylor pledge.

Bicknell said unheralded Dominique Delpeche, a 6-7, 338-pound North Crowley basketball player with one season of football experience, might have the most potential.

"He's absolutely a first-round NFL draft pick if he wants to be," Bicknell said. "I'd like to give it a shot with his body and his feet. The sky is the limit."

FWST's John Miller has his breakdown of the Tech recruiting class. This is an excellent read.

SEN's Tim Griffin breaks down Tech's recruiting class, and he thinks that Swindell is the sleeper of the class.

Chron's Joseph Duarte also has an article on the class, focusing on the Houston area players.

DMN's Tim MacMahon has a number of notes on the DMN Recruiting Blog:

  • The 2007 commits who might make a difference as well as a quote by Leach. Subtle yet effective, classic Leach.
  • Tim also reports that Coach Leach thinks that Fehoko and Sonier remind him of Keyunta Dawson. Leach has this to say about the pair:

    "They're good at rushing the passer. That has some D-line qualities," Leach said. "They're good at moving around. That has some linebacker qualities."

    "We're going to see what they do best and figure out a way to get them on the field."

DMN's Recruiting expert Todd Wills had a chat on Monday that I complete missed, but he mentioned a few Tech commitments:

Todd Wills: There's a lot of quality in this class - Fort Bend Marshall DE Tyrone Soniers and Brownsboro OL Lonnie Edwards to name a few. A solid receiving corps. A QB - Stefan Loucks - who put a big numbers in Arkansas.

The Sporting News has an AP article on the Leach press conference Wednesday afternoon.

Here's an article from Brazosport Facts on new recruit Jared Flannel.

For those of you who are just sick, here are the 2008 Texas Tech prospects according to

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his game article.

FWST's John Miller has his game article with a few more quotes from Knight, none of which are earth-shattering:

"The real key in the game was they did a really, really good job on Jackson right from the beginning," Knight said. "We tried a lot of things to get Jackson open. That's about as good as I've ever seen a kid stick with playing defense on a guy."


"They made a great play at the end with the shot," Tech coach Bob Knight said. "As I look back, it would have been great if [Burgess] had just gotten it and thrown it up in the air, and then the game is over."

I was expecting a little frustration, but this isn't Knight's first rodeo.

Texas Tech Baseball:

The Red Raider baseball club fell to New Mexico on Tuesday, 15-13. The LAJ's George Watson has his game recap.

Here's the TTU game 3 recap.

Tech hosts the Red Raider classic starting on Friday, with 2 games against Northwestern and 2 against Western Illinois.