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Wednesday Morning Notes

SB Nation News: I've been meaning to ask DTN readers to go over to Corn Nation and check out some of the new features that will eventually be added to SB Nation sites. Check them out, feel free to email me and tell me what you think. Any feedback is good feedback. Also make sure and check out CN's Big 12 Week In Review as I forgot to post it earlier in the week.

Texas Tech Football:

So the Cotton Bowl will move to Jerry's World and I have no problem with that. This probably means that the UT/OU game will also move in 2010. Those of you who think this is a big deal may need this assist in drowning your sorrows.

The LAJ weighs in on the Cotton Bowl moving as well.

Texas Tech Basketball:

DMN's Tim MacMahon has a story about Wednesday's Baylor game being a trap game. When Knight was asked whether or not he talks to his team about the tournament he had this to say:

"Don't talk to them at all about it," said Knight, who has taken Tech to the NCAA Tournament in three of five seasons. "I have enough problems talking to them about the next game."

SI's Seth Davis believes that Texas Tech is "barely" in the NCAAA Tournament.

Texas Tech
I'm not saying the Red Raiders are a shoo-in, but I'm amazed how many mock brackets don't include a team that has a sweep over Texas A&M and a home win over Kansas. Their only bad loss came on the road by three points at Baylor, and their non-conference SOS is ranked 48th. Again, any bubble team by definition has weaknesses, but few bubble boys boast these kinds of strengths.

LAJ's Jeff Walker details the careers of all of the seniors. Jeff also has a game day preview

FWST's Wendell Barnhouse believes that Tech is still on the bubble.

Texas Tech Baseball:

The Red Raiders continue to play well and beat the New Mexico Lobos 8-6 at Isotopes Park in Albuquerque, NM. Sophomore rightfielder Roger Kieschnick led the charge by goig 5-5 with 2 doubles, a triple and two home runs (that is the definition of a very good day). Pitcher Paul Gonzalez got the victory by pitching 4 no-hit innings, giving up none, walking 1 and striking out 3.

The LAJ breaks down the game.