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Sunday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his game story and there are some interesting quotes. As I mentioned in the game day thread, I thought that the last 14 seconds didn't seem well thought out by Sutton or the Cowboys.

Cowboys head coach Sean Sutton said he told the team during a time out prior to Jackson's second free throw that he wanted them to go for the victory.

Looking back, he said he wished Boggan would have just put the ball back up instead of running out to the 3-point line after grabbing the offensive rebound.

"If (Jackson) missed the second one, I wanted them to drive the ball to the rim," Sutton said. "When he made it, the way the game was going, I thought our best chance if we had the open look from the 3-point line was to play for the win."

Really? OSU goes 1-10 prior to that point and he wants to go for the victory? Isn't that just bad coaching with a bigger OSU team that would have a pretty good shot in OT? Oh well.

DMN's Tim MacMahon also has his game story and focuses on the Alan Voskuil foul of Byron Eaton which allowed OSU to tie the game (Jackson would later hit two free throws for the eventual final score).

"It would have been uncharacteristic for a blind man to make that foul," Knight said.

Zeno twisted his ankle late in the game and Tim adds:

Martin Zeno, a 6-5 junior who normally plays on the wing, defended Boggan down the stretch despite twisting his left ankle with 4:37 remaining. Zeno re-entered the game less than a minute later, much to Knight's surprise, and had abig three-point play that put Tech up, 55-52.

"It was hurting," said Zeno, who led Tech with 13 points. "But in order for us to win, I had to suck it up and play."

The selection committee was surely watching.

FWST's John Miller also has his game story and has this on Zeno's attitude of the last three games:

"It helps us a lot," Texas Tech junior Martin Zeno said. "We needed to get started coming off a loss [Tuesday at Texas]. These [final] three games were must-win games for us, so we need to work on these next two and see what happens."

The terrifically well-done, BearMeat, has fired the first shot in this heated rivalry.

"Victory or Death!" shouted the king, brandishing a pocket knife in the direction of the wisemen.

I now request that all 6 loyal readers of DTN leave similarly creative responses to the hated (and feared since they're up 1-0 on Tech) on aforementioned, and visceral-laced BearMeat post.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Tech lost the 2nd game of a three game series against Northern Illinois 8-5. I'll leave it to LAJ's George Watson to give you all of the details.

The final game is set for noon today at Dan Law.