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Saturday Morning Notes

I'm back. I spent 6 hours in a real estate closing and it made for a very long day. Despite all of that, I'm so glad I'm not working for two straight days. Good times. Good times. Let's get to some Tech news.

Texas Tech Basketball:

DMN's Tim MacMahon has an article this morning about how Jackson has to do a better job of staying in motion if he wants to score.

LAJ's Jeff Walker hits the nail on the head this morning, both Tech and OSU are desperate for a victory.

FWST's John Miller's morning article discusses that Knight still believes that this team is without a leader.

Big 12 Insiders (some really good Tech info here, make sure and check out the SEN, there are some great quotes from Knight on collegiate officials):

Texas Tech Baseball:

Tech has notched another victory, beating Northern Illinois 6-5 as sophomore pitcher AJ Ramos pitched well again and Roger Kieschnick went 2-4 with an RBI. LAJ's George Watson has the game covered and focuses on the maturation of Ramos. In addition to Kieschnick, Kyle Martin had a home run and first baseman James Leverton also went 2-3 with an RBI.

  • Texas Tech 6, Northern Illinois 5
  • Box Score

I'm having trouble linking the game notes and the Texas Tech story, so, go to the box score and you'll be able to find those links.