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Friday Morning Notes

Editor's Note: Work's been taking up a considerable amount of my time recently and getting out my morning reports has been difficult. I expect to be back on track on Monday. The DTN preview for the OSU game will be posted early Saturday morning or late tonight.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker looks back at Big 12 play.

FWST's Tim Griffin has his Big 12 Basketball Insider. No Tech news, but there is some detail in OSU's rough slide (the past two games haven't been close for the Cowboys).

I don't know about the rest of you, but I see the OSU game being the key to getting into the NCAA tournament. What are the Red Raiders' chances if we win or lose the OSU game?

Texas Tech Baseball:

Texas Tech plays Northern Illinois on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a weekend series.

LAJ's George Watson previews the series.

Non Tech News: notes that ESPN is stealing other folks breaking-news (hat-tip to Bob Sturm):

POSTED 12:58 p.m. EST, February 19, 2007


Okay, now that ESPN has opted to clear Michael Irvin off of the television side of the operation, we think it's high time for the boys in Bristol to turn a scrutinizing eye toward certain portions of its dot-com operation, which continues to (from time to time) claim credit for stories that it simply didn't break.

Regarding the report that the Chargers have hired Norv Turner, the news officially was broken by Jay Glazer of And we posted a story on the Glazer report well before had anything published on the issue.

But, lo and behold, now has an item in which Len Pasquarelli claims credit for reporting that Turner is getting the job.

And the underhandedness apparently isn't confined to the Internet side of the business. Says a member of PFT Planet: "At exactly 12:27 p.m. (I checked my watch), ESPN changed its ticker on the SportsCenter rerun to note the BREAKING NEWS reported by Len Pasquarelli that Norv was San Diego bound. My question is, did he learn it from FOX, from PFT citing FOX, or the ESPNNews ticker, which had the info in its news box for the prior half hour?"

When Dan Patrick politely chastised on his radio show those (including us) who posted the "Terry Bradshaw might be dead" rumors, he candidly admitted that ESPN is guilty at times of attempting to take credit for reports originating elsewhere, often by using the subtle code words "ESPN has confirmed" in order to get around the inconvenient reality that someone else had it first.

In this case, Pasquarelli doesn't even use the word "confirmed". He sells the thing as his own work product, even though it clearly is not. Here's the screen shot, in the event they do the right thing and change it.

Wow. Go over and read the Tennessee Titans blog, Music City Miracle for the incredibly disturbing story on cornerback, Adam Pac Man Jones. You could spend half a day reading this stuff.