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2007 Review and Preview: Texas Tech Running Backs


Who Is Gone:

Tech returns all of their running backs from this past year.

Who Returns:

No. Name Yr. Exp. Ht./Wt. Comment
2 Shannon Woods So. 1V. 5-11/190 Excellent runner does well with the carries he's given.
25 Baron Batch Fr. HS. 5-10/190 Decent backup, may not see significant time until Jr. year.
21 Kobey Lewis Fr. RS 5-5/173 Backup only
29 David Schaefer Jr. 1V 6-3/227 Fullback only, was utilized in Insight Bowl.

Although I tend not to give it much thought, I tend to forget how young Woods is, and the proposition of he and Harrell ending up as seniors together could be a special combination. As good as Woods was this past year, he will be even better this year. It's easy to predict that Woods will be special this year as Harrell has a better handle on the offense and I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Harrell rely on Woods more in the passing game.

I tend to believe that Batch is a Woods' clone, smaller runner with good to decent quickness. In Batch's limited action, he seems to be a little stiff as a runner, but more than likely just trying to remember the entirety of the season two or three months after it's completed.

I imagine that Lewis will only see playing time if there are significant injuries to Woods or Batch.

New Recruits:

Player Ht. Wt. Comment
Jared Flannel 6-0 180 Injured Sr. season, typical Tech RB.
Aaron Crawford 5-11 200 Bigger back with speed.

Flannel and Crawford offer a constrasting style in terms of what we could expect from running back. Flannel is the back that Tech fans are more accustomed. He is a smaller back, but very capable, especially out of the backfield. Crawford has 20 pounds on Flannel and would be a contrast in the current style. I know that Leach has tended to recruit certain types of backs, but Crawford is different than the norm. He is capable of being a between the tackles runner with very nice speed. I'd love to see Tech redshirt both of these kids. Right now, there's no reason to pull either one of them off of their redshirt year. If something happens to Woods, I think Batch is more than capable of stepping in for Shannon and Lewis would be an option, although I'm worried about his size. If I was forced to choose between Flannel and Crawford, I'd take Crawford right now. Flannel is still coming off of a fairly serious injury and I'd like to give him time to completely heal rather than force him on the field.


  • 2007
    1. Woods - Jr.
    2. Batch - So.
    3. Lewis - So.
    4. Flannel - RS
    5. Crawford - RS
  • 2008
    1. Woods - Sr.
    2. Batch - Jr.
    3. Lewis - Jr.
    4. Flannel - RS Fr.
    5. Crawford - RS Fr.
  • 2009
    1. Batch - Sr.
    2. Lewis - Sr.
    3. Crawford - So.
    4. Flannel - So.
  • 2010
    1. Crawford - Jr.
    2. Flannel - Jr.
  • 2011
    1. Crawford - Sr.
    2. Flannel - Sr.

In all honesty, I think I like Crawford a little better, not for any profound reason other than his size. I like the idea of a larger running back for this offense and it gives me chills to think what this offense could do with a smash-mouth runner, a kid that's 6-0, 225. I'd love to see Tech recruit a kid like that, just to see how this offense would operate with a kid who could break some tackels and create some space of his own.