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Tuesday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Football:, via Yahoo!, ranks the Top 10 Big 12 Recruiters of the Year. UT's Mac McWhorter was ranked as the Big 12 Recruiter of the Year, while Tech's offensive coordinator, Dana Holgorsen, also made the list. Holgorsen's list of players: Lonnie Edwards. Jacob Amie, Mickey Okafor, Tyrone Sonier, Jacoby Franks and Taylor Charbonnet. That's a pretty good haul for just one guy and arguably the three most talented players of the class, Edwards, Amie and Sonier.

I'd still like to know who's in charge of Dallas, but that may be for another day.

Texas Tech Basketball:

DMN's Tim MacMahon has an article where Knight rips the current NBA draft rule. I've heard Knight talk about this before and he makes some pretty good points. I didn't recall Knight being as angry or adamant when I heard Knight on tape. The best point:

"Now you can have a kid come to school for one year and play basketball, and he doesn't even have to go to class," Knight said. "He certainly doesn't have to go to class the second semester. ... That, I think, has a tremendous effect on the integrity of college sports."

He's right, the rule has afforded kids the opportunity to take advantage of a situation. They get to showcase their skills while not really having to go to class the entire second semester. That reminds me, I had a grad school classmate who said that his last semester of undergrad was only physical education classes. How genius is that? I think he took aerobic walking, archery, and bowling. Anyway, back to the point at hand, I don't think that Knight is angry at the coaches who do take advantage of that rule, he notes that, "It's within the rules."

Texas Tech Baseball:

Third baseman Doug Thennis was named Big 12 Player of the Week and pitcher AJ Ramos was named the Midwest Regional Performance of the Week by

Big 12 baseball standings have been updated.